Thursday, 23 November 2017

Why You Should Not Prefer Your Web Host for Domain Registration?

Domain Registration process involves a lot of agencies like the Domain Registrars, Domain Resellers and brokers. It is simply an overwhelming job to decide exactly which service to use for your Domain Registration. When you find that your Web Host is offering all in one solution, it is quite natural that you may get tempted to go for the top domain registration company from your Web Host. However, in the long run, you may face terrible consequences by registering your Domain with your Web Host. Here in this article, we will explore the reasons for this.

The Domain, Domain Registration and Domain Hosting:

When you own a Website or a blog, there is two distinct piece of activities are involved. The first one is Domain and Domain Registration and the second one is Hosting the Domain. These elements need to be understood properly to have an effective management of your Website. The Domain is basically an address which the people will use to reach your Website. The  can be made from a number of Registrars or from a best domain registration company. You need to pay the required fee for Domain Registration and when you stop paying for the renewal charges of the Domain Registration, the Domain may be sold and may belong to some other people.

The Domain or the Website Hosting means that the files related to your Website will be stored in a place and the Website Host will provide that place to you. Suppose you open a blog through Blogger or you use, then since the Blogger is owned by Google and the is owned by WordPress, your host will be either Google or WordPress.

You are basically putting the files related to your Website to the server of your Host. Further, your Domain is told that when someone enters your URL, he should be taken to those files. Just like changing a SIM card on your mobile phone, you can also change the Web Host at your wish and your Domain can thus be able to work with another service of a different Web Host.

The Dilemma Regarding Domain Registration:

When you want to make a Domain Registration, you may have two options with you. The first option would be to go to a separate Domain Registrar and complete your domain registration through top ten domain registration company. The second option is to get the Domain Registration done through your Web Hosting service provider. For many people, it will seem to be a wonderful idea to keep all the stuff related to the Website in one place only and to keep only one set of login information with you. However, you may encounter the serious problem on certain issues. Why you should prefer an independent Domain Registrar for your Domain Registration is discussed in the following paragraphs:

Domain Transfer May Be a Big Issue:

There may be a situation when you may want to transfer your Domain. If your Domain is registered with a Web Hosting service, the process of transfer may be annoying. However, in case you have made your domain registration India is somewhere else with an independent agency, the process would have been simple. You simply have to update the DNS setting and make it such that it points to the new host.

Security Factor Should Be Considered:

In case you have multiple domain name registrations, and if you have registered all your Domains with one Web Hosting service, it may be very dangerous as hackers may destroy your site. However, if you have independent register for independent Domain Name, your security will be much better.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

What Way A Domain Registration Can Be Made Easily?

A Domain Registration is needed to make your Domain legal and operative online. There are a lot of Domain Names available and you need to choose a Domain Name carefully before deciding for the Domain Registration. The thing which is very important for you to know is that the contact information which you will submit to your Registrar during domain registration will be made available to the public and can be accessed by anybody if they want to see. A few important points which you should consider carefully is discussed here for you to understand the correct and safe procedure for Domain Registration. 

The email address owned by the Domain owner:

This is very important information. In case there is any problem with your Domain Name, the Domain Registrar can easily contact you regarding this. He can send a notice to you through email and inform you about the problem like expiry of the Domain.

Whenever you decide to go for a Domain Registration, it is very important that you should not procrastinate. You should approach the best domain registration company at the earliest with your preferred Domain Name; otherwise, the Domain Name might have gone to some other person.

The few important points to be considered:

You should have a list of Domain Names ready with you. This is essential as the Domain Name which you are seeking for domain name registration may not be available. The list will be helpful in such case and you may have to select the next best option for the Domain Name which can resemble with your Business very closely.

The payment option and the account information should be submitted to the Registrar, For this suitable payment media like PayPal, etc may be chosen. In case if you are not interested to pay via PayPal or some other online payment portal, you can do this activity through Credit Card also. In that case, you need to furnish the necessary information of your Credit Card.
You need to furnish the other important details like your name and contact information which should include the email address to the domain provider during Domain Registration. This information needs to be submitted for carrying out the Administrative or technical or billing contacts for your Domain Name. 

The process of Domain Registration:

Select the right Domain Registrar:

There are a lot of Registrars available for Domain Registration. You should try to get one top domain registration company who is duly authorised and have good credentials. Also, you should check all the terms and conditions very carefully along with the option for the payment before selecting the Registrar.

The WHOIS search:

The WHOIS search option will decide the availability of the Domain Name for cheapest domain registration. This will let you know whether you will be able to get the selected Domain Name registered or whether you need to select a separate Domain Name.

The information of the Registrant:

The necessary particulars about your contact information will have to be submitted to the Registrar along with the information of payment details. The Domain Registration will only be completed once this information is available and once the fees are paid. Before submitting all such information for domain registration India, you must check the authenticity of the information as if your information is found to be incorrect; the Domain Registration may be cancelled.

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Friday, 17 November 2017

The Advantages of Web Hosting With Windows Web Hosting

Many resellers may find benefits and advantages of switching to another service that normally sells windows web hosting on Windows server over Linux. As you know Linux is one of the most popular web hosting solutions, but Windows hosting offers multiple benefits and advantages that would benefit a greater number of people. Due to the reason, it can be one of the best products for sellers to resell. For instance, with reseller hosting like Windows or providers like reseller Windows hosting, Widows hosting is can be your one and only solution to host your website.

Why Windows Reseller Hosting Is Better?

As discussed Windows reseller hosting is good like top web hosting company. The main reason for using Windows reseller hosting is that you do not have to hold multiple accounts to keep your clients up that you may have. This is one of the only and only advantage you might have, but other advantages are there by which you can prefer Windows hosting can be your best of the best choice. If you are spread out over multiple control panels that you probably have in Linux hosting then you could consider using Windows web hosting would be great.

Things to Know About Window Web Hosting:

This may help you make keeping the exact track of clients so that you can feel much easier as well as save from either side and you may save lot of your valuable time at the same time. You might choose one of the best web hosting company for your small or medium sized business use. You can still host many applications written in either form or any of the languages out there which is more or less important for your clients to host their websites whenever they need for their personal or business purposes.

What To Run With Windows Web Hosting?

This certainly means that you can easily run a PHP as well as MySQL based website right next to your ASP.Net SQL website at the same time, if you are in need to run this type of website coded with certain languages. Though, most of the top ten web hosting company does their job nicely, especially hosting their website in a way, so that you can easily set the server timer and at the same time you do your best for the clients they are looking forward to make it fruitful.

Reasons To Use Window Reseller Hosting:

With all of the above mentioned reasons to use the ecommerce web hosting or the hosting platform; it gives you more than one or multiple solutions to what extant you can offer to your customers and when you sell them this type of easy and best solution to their hosting needs. As discussed among the other web hosting reseller solution beside Linux web hosting Windows is one of the best hosting that you ever used and you can use for your valuable customers. The way you meet your customers need that you see how it is useful for your business need.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

What Is The Main Difference Between a Private and a Public Domain Registration?

The ICANN has made it mandatory that a Domain Registrar has to make the contact and the other personal information of the Registrant public. It will be very unethical to present false personal information to the Registrar for Domain Registration. The provision of false information is an offence and it can lead to the termination of the top ten domain registration company made by you.

However, most of the time, people do not like to divulge their contact information to the public. The personal information consists of the name, email address, mailing and permanent address, your phone number, etc. The personal information thus submitted is kept in the WHOIS database which can be accessed by the public at any point in time. This sharing of personal information can only be avoided if you choose private best domain registration company.

What Happens with Private Domain Registration:

When a private domain booking company is made, a generic name is listed by the WHOIS database. This generic name will be different from your name. Also, a phone number and mailing address different from yours will be displayed which is different from yours. One unique email address will also be created where all incoming emails will be stored and these emails will further be forwarded to your own email address. Before sending the emails, the same will be filtered for cheeking the spam contents. Though the listed registrant for the Domain Name is generic, it is you who will retain the full control of the Domain. It will be possible for you to sell, cancel or renew your Domain Name. You may also control all content appearing on your Website. The Name servers pertaining to your Domain Name can be set by you easily. You may update your contact information in the Domain and also can resolve any disputes related to your Domain Name.

What Benefits can be Expected in a Private Domain Registration:

The private Domain Registration can offer several benefits to you. A few key benefits are discussed here.

1. The Private Domain Registration can protect the identity of the owner very effectively

2. Spamming related to a particular Domain Name can be blocked efficiently.

3. The data mining can be put to a halt.

4. The stalkers and the harassers can be thwarted easily.

5. It is possible to maintain the privacy for personal as well as the family.

6. Hijacking of the Domain can be prevented

Whether Extended Validation for SSL Certificates Can Be Obtained For a Private Domain:

It is, of course, possible to request an EV or an extended validation SSL certificate for your Private top domain registration company. There are strict guidelines for verification of the EV certification. It is necessary to respond to the emails sent to the Registrant or the Administrative contacts which is listed in the WHOIS database. In short, you must submit a CPA letter or a proper verified legal opinion which should indicate your exclusive right for using the Domain Name online.

Which Way Will the Business Registration Affect the Private Domain Registration?

Business Registration can work in conjunction with a private Registration and thus it becomes possible to keep the personal information secured and private while the Business being promoted. Private Domain Registration will shield the personal contact information of yours. This information will be separate from the information of Business cheapest domain registration. You can only display the relevant information like office phone and fax numbers, the Business hours, etc.

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

What Is The Proper Way Of Domain Registration To Get The Best Result?

The making of a Website and a blog needs domain registration and Web Hosting. The Domain Registration with a good Domain Name and proper Web Hosting is essential to get success in the online world. The Domain names are the address of the Websites which are displayed in the address bar of the browser which you are using. The most popular Websites have Domain Names which are very much visible and are aligned with the theme of the Business. A domain registration with the Domain Name needs to be made properly and for this, you need to follow a few relevant tips.

It is better to select a short name for the Domain:

It is always better to select a short Domain Name. This is because a short name is much easier to remember and recall that a long name. Further, it will be very helpful if the Domain Name so selected represents your Business suitably. A combination of short Domain Name and a Domain Name having relevance to your Business will be the ideal scenario for proper Domain Registration. Many times it may so happen that the Domain Names which you like and want to own are unavailable as these names have been taken by somebody already. In this case, you need to choose a different name for your Domain for domain registration. The important thing is that the name should be chosen short and there should be a few names selected by you which should have some resemblance with your business. Best domain registration company will help you to select the other options for the Domain Names in case the chosen Domain Name is not available for Domain Registration.

The extension for the Domain Name needs to chosen properly:

You should know that the Domain extensions are very important to enhance the visibility of your Domain and thereby of your Website. The most popular Domain extension is .com and it is the most sought out Domain extension for domain name registration. However, .com may not be available for a particular Domain Name for Domain Registration and might have been already sold. In this type of case, you should choose another popular Domain extension like the .org, .net, etc for your Domain. These types of Domain extensions are easier to get indexed by the most popular search engine such as Google.

Use of hyphens and the symbols should be avoided:

It is always difficult to remember the special symbols if any in the Domains. Therefore, it is never a good idea to use the special symbol in the Domain Name. Simple Domain Name is the best way for a cheapeast domain registration and unnecessary complication of the name should be avoided.

The Domain Registration Company should be chosen with care:

The Domain Registration Company will be the one responsible for registering your Domain. The Company will charge you a fee for registering the Domain with them. A top domain registration company is accredited by the apex body ICANN and is in the business for quite some time. Also, the good domain registration Company has a good customer service record. You should never hesitate to check the credentials of the domain registration Company and also you should check with the companies who have registered their Domains with such Domain Registrar. Once you have collected a good pool of information about the Domain Registrar, you should make a qualified decision about your choice of Domain Registrar.

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Friday, 3 November 2017

Opting For Cheap Domain Registration Is Not Always Bad

The pre-requisite for opening a Website is to obtain a Domain followed by Domain Registration. The popularity of Websites has made proliferation of the Domain Registration Business also. If you are looking for cheap Registrars, you will get a lot of them ready to offer you Domain Names and domain registration at a very low price. Of course Cheap Domain Registration is fraught with danger in the long run as effectiveness of your Website decrease and the cost of operation also goes high, it is not always the case. If you know the trick of the rope, it is possible for you to get a genuine Domain Registrar who is offering Domain Names and Registration at very reasonable price. It is better to bring it to your knowledge the probable risks of cheapest domain registration and thereby we can discuss the remedies.

How Cheap Domain Registration can sustain the competition:

You may not be able to understand how a Domain Registrar can offer Domain Names for Registration below the standardized price and how he can run his business making losses. Ultimately the best domain registration company is out there not for doing any charity, he wants to run a profit making business. So what is the secret? 

The secret lies in the cost of renewal for the Domains registered most of the times. While offering the Domain Registration service at a very cheap price, the Domain Registrar compensates the same by increasing the cost of renewal. He may lure a naive customer to purchase a Domain at a throw away price and let the customer go back happily with a sense of complacency of making a big bargain, the trap he lays is what the customer fails to understand immediately. Therefore, it is very important to check the cost of renewal of the domain name registration services offered. 

Also the Domain Registrar many a times incorporates some hidden additional cost which a new person registering a domain may not perceive immediately. Sometimes you will be seduced to buy a bundled offer to get a cheap Domain and at other times you may be offered unnecessary bunch of freebies with a package offered by a domain provider. You may end up with a penny wise pound foolish situation as these additional costs will be more than the cost you would have incurred if you purchased a Domain at a standard price.


Be aware of Registration Scam: 

The most dangerous part of choosing a Cheap Domain Name uninformed is that you may be a victim of domain registration scam. You may never get your Domain which you had booked and it may be possible that you are not able to contact the fake Registrar as he used a wrong contact address to fool you. There are cases where Domains purchased at cheap price have stopped functioning after running for a few days.

What is the way out?

The surest way to check the credibility of the top domain registration company is to check the services of the websites they have hosted or provided the Domain Name and Domain Registration. Check the performance of the Websites running and if possible talk to the Website owners and learn about the Registrar. You may also try to get more than one extension for your Domain from the cheap Domain Registrar. 

If you can take care of the above issues diligently, it is not at all a bad idea to source your Domain Registration from a cheap Domain Registrar. 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Importance of Domain Registration needs is well understood before registering a Domain

Domain Names is a must for making the address of a Website the name need to be typed in the address bar whenever the access to a particular Website is wanted. Normally the Domain names are preceded by www which indicates World Wide Web and it has a suffix and extension which is put at the end of a Domain Name with a dot and it signifies the type of business. All these are an integral part of the address of the Website and the central or key part of the address is composed of cheapest domain registration.

The popularity of Websites has increased tremendously and there can hardly be any work done without a Website. The increase in Website traffic has made it increasingly difficult to monitor the Websites activities and the most difficult part was the accessing the Websites which has a unique IP address. In order to make the system simpler and easier, it was felt necessary to introduce word characters in lieu of the binary numbers, as it is difficult to remember the binary numbers. The  best domain registration company thus generated acts as a telephone directory. The corresponding IP address can be found in the DNS server where the IP addresses against each Domain Name is listed and it becomes very easy to instantly locate a Website and bring it to the monitor screen of the customer.

Careful Choice of Domain Extensions:

There are several Domain name extensions available on the internet. The Domain Name extensions indicate the significance of the Website and its activities. While making a top domain registration company, it is essential to choose to the suitable Domain Name extension. For example, the extension .com signifies the meaning commercial and is widely chosen to be used for Websites for doing a business. This extension is widely recognized symbol worldwide representing business.

Let us take an example of another popular extension which is .net. The extension .net signifies network and is widely used by the service providers of the internet, businesses that are directly linked to the internet infrastructure, Web Hosting companies, etc. Also, these types of Domain Names are very preferred for Domain Registration for intranet Websites. There is another very popular Domain Name extension which is widely used by organisations for making a domain name registration.

This Domain extension is widely preferred for non-profit organisations carrying out activities on the internet. The Domain name extension .biz is normally preferred for small businesses and widely sought extension during top ten domain registration company by small to medium level businessmen. There is a lot of other Domain extension which is widely popular. However seeking the extension which is mostly favoured by SEO websites are .com, .net and .org. However, it may not be possible to get a Domain extension of your choice all the time and therefore Domain extensions from other popular extensions may be selected which will also help to promote the activities of the website.

The Registration Process of a Domain Name:

Domain Registration can be done with a Domain Registrar or through a Domain Reseller. The Domain Registrar is accredited by ICANN and follows the stipulated norms specified by the ICANN. The Domain Registration when done by the Domain Registrar, there is a need for filling up the WHOIS data which will authenticate the details of the customers seeking domain name registration services.

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