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What disputes can take place with Domain Name during Domain Registration?

There are various Domain Name disputes have been noted during top domain registration company. The common issue for the dispute is that if someone has made a Domain Registration which is very similar to yours or is the same name as you have chosen, what is to be done by you. Whether you are entitled to the Domain Name transfer or not can be determined by analysing the specific case. Here a few common key factors are being discussed for giving a hint about the Domain Name Dispute.

Whether the Domain Name had been registered before your registration:

You need to verify whether the domain name registration services with your Domain Name had been already done by somebody else. If it is found that it has already been registered by some other party then it will be a difficult case for you. This will be all the more difficult if the Domain is having an extension of .com or .org or .net. It will be needed to prove that not only the Domain has been used in bad faith, but also the Domain Registration had been made in bad faith.

Whether a Registered Trade Mark is owned by either party?

If any party owns the registered trademark which is very identical to the domain name excluding the extension of TLD like .com or, it will like having the ace of the card. It will vastly improve the chances of the success of the individual. However, if a cybercrime has this registered trademark with him, your chance of success will be lower though you have completed the cheapest domain registration.

Whether the Domain Name is of generic nature:

If the Domain Name in contention is of generic nature, it will be all the more difficult for you to establish the entitlement. However, if the Domain Name is of proprietary nature, it will be an easier case. Though it is a very difficult case of having to fight with a generic domain name registration case similar to yours, it is not impossible to fight such case. Here, you need to convince the adjudicator that the generic Domain Name has by chance became synonymous with your Domain Name.

Whether a well-known brand is included in the Domain Name:

If the Domain Registration which has been made by you represents a brand which is very well known, you will definitely have the upper hand. It will be checked whether the registrant was trying to trade off the goodwill acquired by you, or it happened by chance without knowing that you have a similar Domain Name with you.

Whether the Domain Name you have includes the name of a celebrity:

If the Domain Name in contention is being used by another person has a name of celebrity the same as yours, you stand a very good chance of getting the Domain Name transferred to you.

It is important to prove bad faith:

Whether you go through the court for resolving the dispute of Domain Registration with the same Domain Name by another party, the key factor which will count in your favour is your ability to prove that the Domain Registration was made in “bad faith” by the registrant. You must remember that with the more classified Domain extension such as the .com, org or .net, your task is more difficult. Here, you need to substantiate the ‘bad faith’ both for domain name registration services as well as for the use of the name being made. What disputes can take place with Domain Name during Domain Registration

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Monday, 12 February 2018

What Is The Meaning Of Web Hosting And What Are The Different Types of Hosting Services?

You might have opened a new Website and that too you might have done it designed by a professional Website Designer with an excellent Domain Name. All you need now to declare your presence online. You need that your Website should get access to the visitors easily. This is the job which can be done by a web hosting services in Kolkata. Web hosting service makes the Websites available online on the internet. Space in the server is created by the Web Host and this enables other computers across the world to access the Website by several means through the internet. You will get a lot of hosting services which provide several options for Web Hosting. It will depend on your need to look for the right Web Hosting service. A brief description of different types of Web Hosting services that are available on the internet will help you to make an informed decision for the right service.

Types of different Web Hosting services:

We will like to look into different services in a brief detail.

The ISPs or the Internet service providers:

The ISPs are very easily available and these types of services are normally very inexpensive. Normally the majority of the packages offered by the ISPs have a very small amount of Web Space. The service also provides tools to create and to upload the Websites very easily and quickly. The start-up Business or the people having limited Budget and want to start with a low profile having a low traffic to their Website can choose such type of service. However, this type of Web Hosting services does not offer many features which other types of services offer. Therefore for a growing linux web hosting company in Kolkata or for a Business which is going to start in a big way, this type of service may not suitable.

Free Web Hosting:

For a small scale Business, the other good option is to look for Free web hosting services in Kolkata. However, the greatest drawback of such services is that they are funded by various advertising agencies and therefore a lot of pop-ups will be found there in such services. Therefore, for Business Website, this type of Web Hosting is not suitable.

Paid Web Hosting service:

The paid Web Hosting means that you need to pay certain fees for getting the space and the services on the server of the web hosting providers in Kolkata. The range of fees for the service can vary widely depending on your requirement. Important services like the access to the CGI, the database support, the e-commerce, the database support, the SSL, extra bandwidth, etc can be made available depending on the type of provider and the service fees.

The Domain Hosting service:

Domain Hosting can be a very good option for the small-scale Business. The Domain, Hosting will allow you to host your Website in various places, whether it is an ISP, or a free Web Hosting service, or even your own server. When you buy a Domain Name, the provider may forward all requests made for that Domain to the location of the actual Website. The Businesses can effectively brand their URL by means of such services.

Apart from the types of Web Hosting in Kolkata services mentioned above, there is collocation hosting and also direct Interest access in case you wish to host your Website by yourself.

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Friday, 9 February 2018

What are the ways to choose a Web Hosting Service?

When you have registered your Business, it is important that you connect your Website to the internet. A Web Hosting service exactly does that. It is very important to have a proper Web Hosting service to get the best result for the Website. The internet is having several windows web hosting services and making a choice for the correct service often becomes difficult. How you choose the hosting service will decide the success of the Business you have. Before we discuss the factors to choose the right hosting service, let us first discuss the important types of Web Hosting services.

What are the types of Hosting plan: A few important types of Web Hosting services are as follows:

Shared Web Hosting:

The Share Web Hosting has been the cheapest of all plans. In this type of hosting, the hosting server is shared among multiple users. However, one individual can use only one Domain and also there is a limitation of storage capacity, as well as bandwidth and a few other features in such type of plan. The start-up Businesses can be best benefitted in such plans. Also, the individuals who want to start a blog and want to continue in the Business in a low profile can get very benefitted by such plan.

The use of dedicated servers:

The Dedicated server is for use of a sole organisation or person. The best web hosting company, who have a good growth rate and also anticipate good progress over the passage of time, will benefit from a dedicated server. The best option may be to go for a shared Web Hosting service at the beginning and later upgrade to a Dedicated Web Hosting service. The advantage of such Web Hosting service is that you get a dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth and storage space which will be very helpful to support a growing Business. If you are opting for a shared type of hosting plan, you may check whether future up gradation to a dedicated plan is possible or not. However, the Dedicated Web Hosting service will be costlier than the shared hosting service.

The ecommerce type of Hosting plan:

In between the shared and the Dedicated Web Hosting, there is the Reseller hosting plan. This ecommerce web hosting plan allows its customers to have multiple plans for them which can operate in a single account. Also, this plan can be afforded quite easily by the Small Business owners.

The factors influencing the selection of the Hosting provider:

The selection for a right Web Hosting service is influenced by several factors which are discussed as follows:

The Cost of the service:

Though the consideration for the cost of Web Hosting service is totally justified, it is advised that you should try to avoid free Hosting services. This type of Hosting services is quite unreliable and will cause a lot of trouble for you in future. Also, you will face a lot of advertisement on your Website which is totally unwanted.

The customer reviews give useful feedback:

You will get a lot of insight about a particular web hosting services once you go through the customer review. Reviews given by the present customers as well as the past customers should be seen with interest.

What is the quality of the customer support?

The customer support can influence the choice of a Hosting service greatly. The Web Hosting service having a strong repute of customer support service is always popular.

The storage and the bandwidth:

Check the bandwidth and the storage that is being provided by a Web Hosting service and also check the possibilities of up gradation in future.

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Friday, 2 February 2018

What are the tips to do a good Domain Registration?

The most important thing for building a Website is to make a good and proper Domain Registration. However, a proper and good Domain Registration is only possible if you have chosen a best domain registration company. The hardest part of creating a Website is to find the right Domain Name. If you have opened a Website after making the necessary Domain Registration and find it difficult to transfer the users to the new URL, you should know that the problem is most likely with the choice of the Domain Name. Here, a few important criteria for choosing a correct and useful Domain Name is discussed for your perusal.

The choice of the right name of your Brand:

There are cases where Domain Names are tried to be selected as per the name of your Brand. But many times, the right cheapest domain registration with your Brand is not available and you may have to compromise with the name that is available. The right thing may be that you should first check what URLs are available and then you should choose the name of your brand. You need to be creative and should check who is using the same name or some similar name. It is absolutely desirable that you should be original, innovative and creative when choosing the name of the brand. It is the same way of choosing a product.

It will not be justified to choose a Domain Name based on the keyword of the URL only:

Though it is a significant factor, it is to be remembered that the main keywords are not the main issue for getting high ranking for your Domain Name. You should be able to think a brand-related memorable domain name registration services, but getting obsessed with such an available Domain Name will be a mistake. It is also required that you should choose a short and catchy Domain Name. The serious issue among other few serious issues is the Domain Abuse for the Domain Names.

Don’t act over smart: Sometimes out of over-enthusiasm and trying to prove superiority, complex and hard to understand Domain Names are chosen for Domain Registration. This type of Domain Names is often complex and very difficult to remember by the people. You should always try to choose a simple name having a very simple spelling.

Choice of a proper Domain Extension is very crucial:

Though there are a lot of choice for Domain extension for Domain Registration, the choice of an important Domain extension for making a good Domain Registration is very essential. The most popular Domain Extensions are .com, .org, .net and these Domain extensions are followed by other Domain extensions also. You can try to find out what type of extensions is popular in the search engines and can choose such extensions also.

Another important issue: It is very important that the domain registration company which has been chosen for making Domain Registration is not infringing on someone else’s copyright. Also, it will be great if you choose the Domain Registration for a maximum period. The choice of greater length of the period will ensure that the Domain Name is renewed for Registration at the right time and never has the chance to be deactivated. You should see that the above mentioned few points are followed before making a Domain Registration to ensure success for your Website.

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Why we need Web Hosting at all to get success in Business?

It is important to know first the meaning of Web Hosting before we go deeper in the subject. The purpose of windows web hosting is to allow a person to present a Website on the Internet. The hosting need to be made a custom or a specific Domain Name as per the specific requirement of the type of work you like to carry on. You need to have a space for the working of the Website and also you need to have bandwidth depending on the purpose of your Website.

If you are having a high traffic and a very busy Website, you may have to go for high-frequency storage space and higher bandwidth and if you are working with a blog only you may be working well with a limited bandwidth and storage space also. The fees for the ecommerce web hosting service will vary according to the facilities that you may take from them. The Web Hosting service uses high-performance industrial computers with high Bandwidth which will be running continuously which may not be possible to be done by a Domestic PC.

The reason for taking the Web Hosting service:

When you take a Domain Name and make a Website, you may think that it will be sufficient to make your Website live on the internet and to make it available to persons all over the world. However, the thing which needs to be clear is that the Domain Name will serve the purpose of recognising your Website to the traffic that will be likely to visit your Website. Theoretically, our computers at home can be used to host a Website and to make the pages of the Website available to the users. However, it is to be remembered that a household PC cannot perform the demand from several visitors at a time due the limitation of the bandwidth.

Also it is not possible to store huge amount of data in a household PC. The computer also needs to run all the time and the outage in the service is not acceptable. Here comes the need for the Web Hosting services who can make it possible to host the Website safely and to make it available to the customers at all point in time. The Web servers that these best web hosting company have can store huge amount of Website files and also can provide high frequency connection. You can also get some very good value-added services like affiliate programme, add-ons, etc.

Types of Web Hosting services: 

You will find many types of Web Hosting services and you may have to choose the right one depending on your need. The list can be summarised as follows:

Shared Hosting service

Reseller Hosting service

Cloud-Based Hosting

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting service

Collocation Hosting

How you should select the provider of Web Hosting?

You may find various providers of the hosting service in the market. But it is not an easy task to choose the right Web Hosting service to provide for your Business. We have to consider a few issues for this job. You have to find the relevant reviews of a linux web hosting providers and also you should check the testimonials of the provider. Apart from this the other issues like the cost of the package, the amount of Web Space being provided, the Bandwidth which you will get and the customer service are the critical ones to choose a Web Hosting service.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What more you should know about your Domain Registration?

It is important that the activities involved with a Domain Registration should be known to you to get the best result. Unless you have a fair idea about the different procedures and the meaning of the used terms, it is very much possible that you will make a mistake in the selection of a Domain Name and in following the registration procedure. Here a brief discussion is made about frequently heard questions regarding cheapest domain registration.

What is the cost involved in Domain Registration?

The Registrar for Domain Registration will set the price for registering a particular Domain Name. The prices for making Domain Registration will vary significantly from One Registrar to another Registrar. There are some Registrars who offer free Domain Registration or discounted registration when you decide to make the Web Hosting through such Registrars. However, there are various disadvantages associated with free Domain Registration and you should be careful in choosing the services of such Registrars. It is advisable that you should visit websites of several registrars and explore what type of offers is being made by different Registrars. You should further analyze different schemes of different Registrars and should select the right one for making your best domain registration company.

Whether you can change the Registrar after Domain Registration:

It is possible to change the Domain Registrar after completing 60 days of Domain Registration. You should contact the Registrar to understand the details of the transfer process and decide accordingly.

Are the non-accredited companies legitimate?

You should remember that only those Registrars who are accredited by the ICANN are authorized to do the Domain Registration. Of course, there are certain Domain Registrars who can do the Domain Registration through the Resellers. The Resellers can provide you useful information and can also guide you in completing the Domain Registration process. However, the contract for the Registration will be lying with the accredited Registrar and it will be only that top domain registration company who will be maintaining all your contact information. The ICANN full form is Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and this a non-profit corporation which is having the responsibility for co-coordinating the Internet technical functions which also includes the management of the Internet Domain Name System.

How to resolve the issue for resolving the dispute regarding misuse of my company’s name as Domain Name by somebody:

There is a uniform policy for dispute resolution which is followed by all ICANN Registrars. Here, relevant disputes related to Registration are resolves by litigation at court between the parties who are having the dispute for the domain name registration. After the court ruling has been made, it will be the responsibility of the Domain Registrar to implement the ruling. There is a possibility of expedited administration for disputes arising out of cybersquatting or else for cyberpiracy. ICANN has listed such service providers for dispute resolution and you can avail such protection by filling out a suitable complaint form.

What procedures are followed for Registration with two letter extension?

There are two letter extensions like the .de,.uk, .jp, etc. These are also known as ccTLD or country code Top Level Domain. These domains correspond to a territory or a country or any other geographic location. There are a lot of variations for the rules for Domain Registration with such extensions and in many cases, the extensions can only be used by the persons who are residing in those countries only. The specific terms and conditions for use of such Domain extensions should also be checked with the Registrar.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Choose The Required Type Of Web Hosting Service For Your Business

If you are planning to launch your new Website, you need to choose the best web hosting company. However, even if you can locate a good hosting service, you may not be able to decide correctly which Web Hosting service you should opt for, the reason being the availability of different types of Web Hosting service in the market. It is important that you should have a good understanding of different Website Hosting options. One thing should be clear to you. None of the Web Hosting can be termed as bad in itself, the choice of the hosting service is important as each plan is used for a specific need only.

Shere Web Hosting:

This type of hosting is most popular and has been running for a long time very successfully. The main reason for its popularity is the cost factor. This is the least expensive windows web hosting service among all because of the concept of sharing a server by a group of customers.

In Shared Web Hosting, all files and documents and applications of different customers are stored in the same hard drive and processed in the common CPU. Ultimately the processed information is delivered by the same Web server to different customers. It is very easy for the top web hosting company to earn much profit as his overhead and maintenance cost as well as the capital outlay is very low as he is utilizing the same resources for everybody.

However, there are few negative sides of a shared Web Hosting service which are brought to your attention.

Since the server, in this case, is shared by several websites of different owners, the performance of the Website loading becomes considerably slow. This will all the more happen when the traffic is more or when you are running complex software.

Secondly, in case of Shared windows web hosting providers, it will be difficult to customize your Website as per your liking. You have to adjust yourself with the inbuilt features of the server and in case if you want to run a complex application which needs to install software or change the configuration in the server, it may not be possible.

The last but most important downside of Shared web hosting services is that your Website gets vulnerable to a certain extent to cyber-attacks. This is because even you take due caution, other customers sharing the same server may not take enough care leaving the possibility of attack. Moreover, it is not a safe practice to share IP address with others sharing the same server.

Dedicated Web Hosting Service:

In this Web Hosting service, you are the owner of the server which is highly beneficial for you. The reason being

The total control of the server will give you the freedom to install any software, to make changes in the operating system if needed, etc.

The speed of your Website will increase significantly since the server is not shared. There will be no rush from other customers’ websites and if your website is having a lot of traffic also there should not be any problem of Website crashing. You can update the software as per your wish.

The security of your server and Website increases significantly as your IP address will not be shared by anybody and you can take due care to protect your Website as per your choice.

The negative part of having a dedicated windows web hosting providers is it will be costly and the maintenance and operation of the server will be at your cost.

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