Sunday, 30 August 2015

High Importance Associated with Responsive Design Support to the Website

Having a website nowadays has become a common trend by almost all types of businesses. As a result there exists variable websites with variable needs. Addition of features as per requirement is an important step towards the success of these sites. Just like ecommerce websites require some sort of inventory control feature hence ensuring that the listed items are available in the stock.

Role of Website Design Company in Success of Business

On the other hand, this feature will be practically of no help in case of an accounting firm which is on the way of promoting the services offered. Regardless of the requirement of a website, a website design company has realized the inclusion of responsive design support along with mobile friendliness to bring due success. 

Vital Reasons Regarding Importance of Responsive Website Design Services
This feature enables changing of the layout as per the screen size for proper viewing of the website. A wide screen display is known to receive site design including multiple columns for content. Whereas, a small screen will have the same content in a single column along with text and links designed especially for a smaller display!

Some of the vital reasons due to which responsive website design services have been recognized to be highly important include:

  • Due support to multi-device user – Presently, the sites are not only being visited by a variety of devices and screen sizes but the same customer is returning to the same site at variable times through variable devices. For the purpose of supporting the experience to the best, the sites must be made work well regardless of the devices. In short, there must be high consistency in the seeking of information.

In case a customer while visiting any website for the purpose of searching any particular information returns to the same site after some time in a variable device, but fails to access the web page then it is definite that the customer will definitely switch on to a different website. Hence, consistency of information all across the devices must be ensured. 

  • A single site to rule all – Though it is a bit tough to keep a single website relevant and updated, a website design company finds it a bit challenging to keep multiple sites up to date. Due to this reason, responsive website is highly preferred over separate websites for getting displayed in desktop and mobile phones.

In case of mobile only approach, the site is able to detect whether the visitors are taking help of a mobile device or not. If it is so sending them to a separate mobile optimized version becomes problematic due to holding of two different websites A little bit disparity between versions of site will frustrate the customers. Hence it is a good practice to hold and manage a single site.

  • Enhanced search engine rankings – Google has recommended the use of responsive web design for supporting different devices and screen sizes. But this recommendation has been a vital step by the search engine to enable the web pages appears in search result page with enhanced rankings. 

The mobile friendliness feature is expected to be a rewarding signal in the long run. Google is on the way to penalize effectively those sites which do not support mobile friendliness feature.

  • Future scalability – A responsive website provides a better chance to support new devices and screens in the future. It can be assumed that with the upcoming of new devices in the market, the responsive sites will be ready to meet those new devices with best experience regardless of the size of screen. 

It is high time to ensure that a responsive web design must be prioritized in case of all website projects.

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