Sunday, 20 December 2015

Top 5 Android Features That Ios Can Copy From

In the world of mobiles, iOS and Android are the operating systems that almost all smart phones have. Both of them are always engulfed in a never ending battle. But, we as users should take the positives from both, as most developers and website development company do.

So today we are going to look for the top five android features that iOS can take inspiration from.

The fast settings on the notification bar

Users always look for settings that are useful and relevant to them personally. It can be WiFi button, Bluetooth or even brightness toggle. On android, the phone owner can easily use personalized notification on the bar itself. This means, they can access these notifications even when they are using an app or software without exiting from it. This feature can really enhance the iOS experience even further.

Spell Checks

The spell help and suggestion over iOS is very useless. Its auto correct is really useless and even frustrating at times. In most cases, the user has to type and replace the whole word and even then the battle goes on. On the iOS one cannot directly edit the dictionary. The word has to be punched as texting macros.

On android the system is quite different and easier, thanks to user-friendly android application development. When an unknown word is punched the keyboard suggests a solution right above the keypad. If the auto corrector kicks in, one single back space can bring the word back. Also with one click you can add that unknown word to the dictionary. This is helpful for people who write their region lingual in English itself and even apple should think about using it.

Google now type apps

iOS should easily take a leaf from google now’s notebook. It should also give details and notification based on location, schedule and others. Google now can easily scan your upcoming event, schedule or appointment and provide a route or a traffic check based on it for your convenience. It can also give info about public stops or conveyances. The Now app also examines your previous history and gives notification as per your liking or habit.

Default app

If you have multiple apps doing the same thing, then Google users have an option of using the one they want at all points. Apple, sadly, does not. For example, type a link, iOS will go for Safari directly, but if you have Firefox or Chrome on your android, it will ask for an option.

Home screen button on apps
On iOS, users can put home screen button as bookmark at Safari. But it does not offer same usability. On android you can see other app and its data by just clicking on the home screen; you do not have to navigate anywhere. The easiness to use an app directly cannot be done on iOS.

What’s extra?

We believe that there are several more apps that can be transferred from Android to iOS and vice versa via more enhanced and thorough android or ios development.

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Saturday, 5 December 2015

How To Build Effective Teams for Web Designing

Whenever you are on your way to start out a business related to web design and development, it is really a tempting task to handle most of the work in an entire manner through oneself. The more of the work you complete personally, the more profit you fetch. But there is a side effect that you may spend nearly all time working.

Inevitably, this means late nights with red eyes, swollen belly and finally bad skin which are not expected by any. You may also end up with nearly less money as it will not be possible to devote as much time and energy required generating new customer leads.

Mandatory Requirements by a Good Web Development Company

Hence, it can be inferred that it is necessary to go for team-building, delegation along with sharing wealth for mutual benefit in order to improve odds of success. Only you need to select the right people to work with. A good web development company always has the following requirements:

  • Sales personhelps generate new customers for the business

  • Project architect – develops the overall concept of the project

  • Project manager – manages the project and keeps everything on track

  • Site designer – designs the look and functionality of the site
  • Back-end developer – creates the framework the site interface will be placed on

  • Front-end developer – creates and implements interface components

  • Site tester – ideally does everything possible to try and break the site until it can be broken no more.

Required Team of Specialists :
In addition to the core roles, sometimes the following specialists are also required:

  • UI specialist – works with front end developers to make more awesome interfaces

  • UX specialist – extensively examines the human factors of a site to ensure a good user experience

  • SEO specialist – determines (and possibly implements) an SEO strategy

  • Content writer – provides high quality text content

  • Graphic designer – creates custom graphics

You must never let your ego get in the way of good business decisions. It will be an intelligent idea to select those people whom you can trust and make them the permanent members of your team.

Finding of Good Team Members:

The most common mistake made by website Design Company is at the time of hiring of team members. They generally define the list of skills that are too complex and restrictive. In case you want to hire a front-end developer, the following way of advertising will be considered to be much better:

  • Ability to write custom JavaScript Code

  • Familiarity with CSS and other web design services

  • Ability to think on feet and so on.

At the time of interview, it will be better to focus mainly on the third factor as it is vital for the success of projects than any amount of coding ability. It is advised not to list the obscure development language as one of the required skills as you may be on the way to miss a top notch.

Growing Team and Business at a Sustainable Rate
As your business grows, you must thinking about narrowing down of tasks to be covered by each person hence creating a bigger team. Try your best to develop a corporate culture and hierarchy as it may lead to stagnation of the creative business.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Free Web Hosting with Domain Registration for Indian Student.

Accessing websites for the different kinds of projects and services through online is the prime action of the customers. Thus business also needs some perfect solution. The increase in website numbers can make you confuse and thus like a primary key or unique number the website owner needs to get the site registered. A lot of service providers are there where a website owner can apply for free domain hosting. If anyone is looking for his own domain, then this can easily be one of the best domain services in free to get a unique identity. It means domain registration is very much perfect to get an own identity. 

What are the benefits of free domain registration?

It is very important to know that why you should select the free web hosting with domain registration. Here are some important points-

  • An exact way to find out a domain by providing a short name. The shorter name will be helpful for the customer to hunt the exact website. A domain name with small as well as a catchy name can easily make it absolute for the customers to find out easily as thousands of websites are there which have somehow similar contents and only the domain name is the exact condition to excess some particular one swiftly.
  • The users can easily use some particular keywords through which they not only get the related domain, but it will also be clear to the viewers that what is the motto of the exact webpage.
  •  If you really want a proper market through online, then you must attract the online customers and to do so, not only your perfect domain name is required, but its registration is also significant.
  •  A person can easily search domain for his requirement if the complete information related to the main keyword is there. Thus, a very important thing is to make it large in size. SO, that it can easily make it intuitive to make the customers more perfect and they can easily find out a lot of questions related to the topic. 

What is the need of web hosting? 

Web hosting service is the internet hosting service through which anyone can access the website via WWW or the World Wide Web. If there is a new website and needs to register for domain or need web hosting site, then a lot of service providers are there, who provide the services in free. Some are having a little charge after providing free for a year or so. 

What must have features there in a web hosting service? 

It is very important for you to know about some features which is important to know before taking service of web hosting-

  • Fast connection is required to access the domain. You must have a perfect domain  name.
  •  There must have back-up storage to secure data in case of a power failure.
  • How their customer support is? 24 hours in all the seven days technical support is very important a web site.
  • Are the customers getting any online website manager?

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Rules of SEO in Web Hosting and Domain Name Selection

Who doesn’t want their websites to get good ranks in the search engines? Everybody does. But people need to understand by now that SEO is not a magic tool and it doesn’t happen just like that. There are methods and ways and tools that make up the whole process of SEO and optimizing the search engines requires expert knowledge and diligence for 100% success. Well, this has to be discussed in details but for now, let’s first get an idea about the things that make the website go and stay online on the web.

If you need to do business online, you have to buy a domain. Now, what is a domain actually? It is like some plot of land that you have bought for your benefits and you plan to do some farming or anything to gain a return on your initial investment. Yes, that’s what domains are- the real estates of the internet. When your small piece of land has gained certain amount of popularity and is prominent enough, you can sell it off easily at a much higher rate than what you bought it for. A top level domain like .com will yield better returns as they will be more preferred by web users. 

Now, leave domains, what is a web hosting package? Okay, let’s take another example to explain this concept. If you have made a film, you need a place to hold the premier show, right? This theater that you choose to show your movie in is the web hosting package. A website or its domain is of no use without a proper web hosting package. It gives you the much needed space to develop your online presence. 

Thus, you have gained an idea as to how your website appears and stays on the internet space. Now, you would like to know how you will connect to your target customers, isn’t it? Here come the search engines! You have to stay at the top to attract more eyes to yourself (i.e. your website) and that is exactly what the search engine optimizer do. They help you to stay on the top, enhancing your website’s visibility. 

As you have the whole picture to yourselves now, you need a deeper insight into the process of domain and web hosting to understand what role it plays in SEO or search engine optimization. So, here it goes:

The importance of making your URL SEO friendly

Your second level domain i.e. what comes before the .com or .co. in thingy is your second level domain and it plays a huge role in SEO. How? Read the following points to know:

  • Relevant domain names- Your domain names should be relevant to the work your do and if possible, contain the keywords or phrases that users put in the search box to search for you and your services/products.  This is going to make your website easily available to your target customers and you are going to enjoy high visibility.
  • Length of the domain name- Google prefers short domain names that are easy to read and understand. So keep that in mind.
  • The theory of multiple domain names- if you register multiple domain names similar to those of yours, it will project you as being too aggressive and that is not business-like at all. Let there be competition, why do you fear?
  • TLDs- The new gTLDs with the keywords along with them rank well in the search engine charts. Although Google doesn’t care much, but if you can include the keywords cleverly, chances are they will rank higher even without making the URL lengthy.

The importance of web hosting in SEO

Surprised? Yeah but web hosting seriously do have some part to play in SEO. The following points will tell you how:
  • Your availability on the web should be 24X7 to get the maximum votes and higher ranks. Even if your web availability is less than 100%, you are going to lose out on some really good customers out there.
  • Low speed websites are ranked low by Google. Yes, it falls in one of their algorithms that speed is an importance factor to rank a particular website.
  •  It is advisable to opt for the SEO friendly CMS platforms that your web hosting package offers you. They help to boost your search rankings to a great extent.
  • Although shared hosting is more cost effective and thus a better option for start ups, the expert search engine optimizers prefer VPS hosting services instead. They let you have a separate IP address on a distinct server meant just for your website. And that affects SEO to a great extent, trust me.
If you wish to know more about the relationship between SEO and web hosting, contact a professional as well as truly experienced web hosting company to obtain significant knowledge regarding the World Wide Web.

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