Sunday, 20 December 2015

Top 5 Android Features That Ios Can Copy From

In the world of mobiles, iOS and Android are the operating systems that almost all smart phones have. Both of them are always engulfed in a never ending battle. But, we as users should take the positives from both, as most developers and website development company do.

So today we are going to look for the top five android features that iOS can take inspiration from.

The fast settings on the notification bar

Users always look for settings that are useful and relevant to them personally. It can be WiFi button, Bluetooth or even brightness toggle. On android, the phone owner can easily use personalized notification on the bar itself. This means, they can access these notifications even when they are using an app or software without exiting from it. This feature can really enhance the iOS experience even further.

Spell Checks

The spell help and suggestion over iOS is very useless. Its auto correct is really useless and even frustrating at times. In most cases, the user has to type and replace the whole word and even then the battle goes on. On the iOS one cannot directly edit the dictionary. The word has to be punched as texting macros.

On android the system is quite different and easier, thanks to user-friendly android application development. When an unknown word is punched the keyboard suggests a solution right above the keypad. If the auto corrector kicks in, one single back space can bring the word back. Also with one click you can add that unknown word to the dictionary. This is helpful for people who write their region lingual in English itself and even apple should think about using it.

Google now type apps

iOS should easily take a leaf from google now’s notebook. It should also give details and notification based on location, schedule and others. Google now can easily scan your upcoming event, schedule or appointment and provide a route or a traffic check based on it for your convenience. It can also give info about public stops or conveyances. The Now app also examines your previous history and gives notification as per your liking or habit.

Default app

If you have multiple apps doing the same thing, then Google users have an option of using the one they want at all points. Apple, sadly, does not. For example, type a link, iOS will go for Safari directly, but if you have Firefox or Chrome on your android, it will ask for an option.

Home screen button on apps
On iOS, users can put home screen button as bookmark at Safari. But it does not offer same usability. On android you can see other app and its data by just clicking on the home screen; you do not have to navigate anywhere. The easiness to use an app directly cannot be done on iOS.

What’s extra?

We believe that there are several more apps that can be transferred from Android to iOS and vice versa via more enhanced and thorough android or ios development.

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