Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Rules of SEO in Web Hosting and Domain Name Selection

Who doesn’t want their websites to get good ranks in the search engines? Everybody does. But people need to understand by now that SEO is not a magic tool and it doesn’t happen just like that. There are methods and ways and tools that make up the whole process of SEO and optimizing the search engines requires expert knowledge and diligence for 100% success. Well, this has to be discussed in details but for now, let’s first get an idea about the things that make the website go and stay online on the web.

If you need to do business online, you have to buy a domain. Now, what is a domain actually? It is like some plot of land that you have bought for your benefits and you plan to do some farming or anything to gain a return on your initial investment. Yes, that’s what domains are- the real estates of the internet. When your small piece of land has gained certain amount of popularity and is prominent enough, you can sell it off easily at a much higher rate than what you bought it for. A top level domain like .com will yield better returns as they will be more preferred by web users. 

Now, leave domains, what is a web hosting package? Okay, let’s take another example to explain this concept. If you have made a film, you need a place to hold the premier show, right? This theater that you choose to show your movie in is the web hosting package. A website or its domain is of no use without a proper web hosting package. It gives you the much needed space to develop your online presence. 

Thus, you have gained an idea as to how your website appears and stays on the internet space. Now, you would like to know how you will connect to your target customers, isn’t it? Here come the search engines! You have to stay at the top to attract more eyes to yourself (i.e. your website) and that is exactly what the search engine optimizer do. They help you to stay on the top, enhancing your website’s visibility. 

As you have the whole picture to yourselves now, you need a deeper insight into the process of domain and web hosting to understand what role it plays in SEO or search engine optimization. So, here it goes:

The importance of making your URL SEO friendly

Your second level domain i.e. what comes before the .com or .co. in thingy is your second level domain and it plays a huge role in SEO. How? Read the following points to know:

  • Relevant domain names- Your domain names should be relevant to the work your do and if possible, contain the keywords or phrases that users put in the search box to search for you and your services/products.  This is going to make your website easily available to your target customers and you are going to enjoy high visibility.
  • Length of the domain name- Google prefers short domain names that are easy to read and understand. So keep that in mind.
  • The theory of multiple domain names- if you register multiple domain names similar to those of yours, it will project you as being too aggressive and that is not business-like at all. Let there be competition, why do you fear?
  • TLDs- The new gTLDs with the keywords along with them rank well in the search engine charts. Although Google doesn’t care much, but if you can include the keywords cleverly, chances are they will rank higher even without making the URL lengthy.

The importance of web hosting in SEO

Surprised? Yeah but web hosting seriously do have some part to play in SEO. The following points will tell you how:
  • Your availability on the web should be 24X7 to get the maximum votes and higher ranks. Even if your web availability is less than 100%, you are going to lose out on some really good customers out there.
  • Low speed websites are ranked low by Google. Yes, it falls in one of their algorithms that speed is an importance factor to rank a particular website.
  •  It is advisable to opt for the SEO friendly CMS platforms that your web hosting package offers you. They help to boost your search rankings to a great extent.
  • Although shared hosting is more cost effective and thus a better option for start ups, the expert search engine optimizers prefer VPS hosting services instead. They let you have a separate IP address on a distinct server meant just for your website. And that affects SEO to a great extent, trust me.
If you wish to know more about the relationship between SEO and web hosting, contact a professional as well as truly experienced web hosting company to obtain significant knowledge regarding the World Wide Web.

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