Saturday, 5 December 2015

How To Build Effective Teams for Web Designing

Whenever you are on your way to start out a business related to web design and development, it is really a tempting task to handle most of the work in an entire manner through oneself. The more of the work you complete personally, the more profit you fetch. But there is a side effect that you may spend nearly all time working.

Inevitably, this means late nights with red eyes, swollen belly and finally bad skin which are not expected by any. You may also end up with nearly less money as it will not be possible to devote as much time and energy required generating new customer leads.

Mandatory Requirements by a Good Web Development Company

Hence, it can be inferred that it is necessary to go for team-building, delegation along with sharing wealth for mutual benefit in order to improve odds of success. Only you need to select the right people to work with. A good web development company always has the following requirements:

  • Sales personhelps generate new customers for the business

  • Project architect – develops the overall concept of the project

  • Project manager – manages the project and keeps everything on track

  • Site designer – designs the look and functionality of the site
  • Back-end developer – creates the framework the site interface will be placed on

  • Front-end developer – creates and implements interface components

  • Site tester – ideally does everything possible to try and break the site until it can be broken no more.

Required Team of Specialists :
In addition to the core roles, sometimes the following specialists are also required:

  • UI specialist – works with front end developers to make more awesome interfaces

  • UX specialist – extensively examines the human factors of a site to ensure a good user experience

  • SEO specialist – determines (and possibly implements) an SEO strategy

  • Content writer – provides high quality text content

  • Graphic designer – creates custom graphics

You must never let your ego get in the way of good business decisions. It will be an intelligent idea to select those people whom you can trust and make them the permanent members of your team.

Finding of Good Team Members:

The most common mistake made by website Design Company is at the time of hiring of team members. They generally define the list of skills that are too complex and restrictive. In case you want to hire a front-end developer, the following way of advertising will be considered to be much better:

  • Ability to write custom JavaScript Code

  • Familiarity with CSS and other web design services

  • Ability to think on feet and so on.

At the time of interview, it will be better to focus mainly on the third factor as it is vital for the success of projects than any amount of coding ability. It is advised not to list the obscure development language as one of the required skills as you may be on the way to miss a top notch.

Growing Team and Business at a Sustainable Rate
As your business grows, you must thinking about narrowing down of tasks to be covered by each person hence creating a bigger team. Try your best to develop a corporate culture and hierarchy as it may lead to stagnation of the creative business.

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