Friday, 25 March 2016

Why is it crusial to maintain ecommerce website at regular interval?

Electronic commerce or commonly stated as E-commerce, is a crucial topic that has become the necessity of today’s world. It refers to the concept of buying and selling of products or services with the help of internet over world wide web. With the advent of e-commerce industry every business and companies are looking forward to have an online store or an E-commerce website design in order to sell their product and services.

E-commerce web design company are gaining worldwide popularity because of their easiness and convenience. It gives us the liberty to shop 24x7 even at midnight. They offer a wide range of products at cheaper prices because the products come directly from manufacturer. E-commerce websites comes up with the various payment options like debit card, credit card, net-banking, even cash on delivery. Moreover comparisons of products with their prices can be done at ease in online shopping sites developed by website design company. With the help of these challenging benefits E-commerce websites has completely revolutionized the shopping trend of today’s world. Some renowned E-commerce websites that has made huge in today’s market are Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Ebay, Homeshop18 etc.

Although E-commerce has made shopping an easier stuff, but these websites demand huge effort in their maintenance purpose. After an e-commerce website is created, regular maintenance is a serious issue that must be taken into consideration soon after by the website design services.

E-commerce website maintenance means updating the contents, pictures of the site, redesigning the website, creating new web pages based on requirement. Product description and their photographs requires updation once they become relevant.

Price of an item varies frequently due to variation in manufacturing cost. Therefore it is necessary to track items on regular basis.

Continuous observation is needed to keep a track of customers purchase status . A continuous checkout process is needed for smooth working of the website.

Any problem within the site including outdated information, broken links, spelling errors must be resolved immediately by the website making company.

Maintenance of web server is necessary regularly to prevent the website from crashing down, when the load is high.
Protection of websites from the hackers, viruses, scams, and other online threats must be taken care of effectively. It is highly important to protect the sites from its security threats and ensure safe shopping.
Maintenance of E-commerce websites by a responsive web design company includes adding to search items of the sites which sounds more impressive to the customers. User friendly and comfortable web designs helps to grab customer attention.

Once an E-commerce website is created, it is mandatory to keep in mind that the ecommerce website development and maintenance is to be done on regular basis, to allow safe shopping and proper working of the websites. emergency maintenance situations are usually dealt by employees who are specially trained in this field. it is advisable to hire any web maintenance company that provide services at cheap rate from updating the content, adding more functions, making changes as per search engine rules, checking out proper functioning of live chat, use of new keyword and much more.

E-commerce websites has already taken over conventional business because of the advantages, but there is a need of regular maintenance to help it flourish more in the years to come.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Some Facts About Website Designing And Their Uses

Website designing mainly refers to the task of production, updation and proper maintenance of websites. Website design services involves a various fields including website graphics designing, developing website structures, designing of interface, search engine optimization. the basic things website designing focuses on is the creation of website layout, the colours, contrasts, fonts, imagery along with the icon designing. The phrase, web designing, can be used to define the designing process of the front end of the website, that is visible to the users or clients.

The meaning of the term “design” can be interpreted as visual outline of the website. A website must be designed in a fashion such that it looks attractive and user friendly to the users. Therefore proper website development rely on two most essential facts

  • Skillfull website designing, as it creates the first impression to the clients. 
  • Technical architecture must be able to assist easy updations. 

Tools for website designing

The website design company are solely responsible for the visual appearance of the websites.

In smaller organizations, one person shoulders the responsibility of designing and programming the webpage, whereas in reputed web design company, a web designer works for the visual aspects alone.

Modern web design services includes server side scripting like php, asp, cgi websites visual effects are determined with the help of html and css, user experienced is enhanced with the help of dynamic javascript and ajax.

Stages of web designing

Prior to the website design lies the planning stages, where the various information are collected and analysed. This designing stage is mainly concerned with framing the information collected, into reality. This includes the following phases –

  • Wireframe - At this phase visual layers begins to take shape. Design layout formation begins with the help of wireframe, based on data collected in previous stage.

  • Designing Mock-ups - designing of mock-ups allows modifications at ease. It maintains organization of design elements in layers.

  • Approval cycle – Approval of visual outline is confirmed from customer’s side at this stage.

  • Code valid XHTML/CSS- the approved mock-ups are sliced and HTML and CSS code begin for the basic design.

Advantages of Responsive web designing

Responsive website designing company uses a technique of designing a website in a manner such that it promises optimal viewing experience to the users – ease of reading and understanding the navigation with minimum scrolling across the screen. Benefits it provides are as follows-

  • Flexible-It can accustom themselves to various devices. designs are flawless and contents move across the screen like a fluid. 

  • Brilliant user experience – when the design is so perfect, the users always remain satisfied while interacting with the website. 

  • Google recommendation – Google prefers responsive web design because it has one site with one URL and one HTML and no separate site for mobile devices. this makes Google easier to maintain its contents 

  • Easy maintenance- separate desktop and mobile site require separate maintenance. One site makes maintenance easy. 

So it is understandable that Internet is nothing without it’s animated graphics, background, topography. Website designing has become a worldwide profitable business as more and more companies are creating websites today.

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Electronic Commerce : A World Wide Trading Method

Electronic commerce, typically know as Ecommerce is a technological advancement through which one can almost sell/buy anything at their doorstep on website via internet. Ecommerce is changing human life style as one don't have to spend their money and precious time running after the thing they want, in the market. This transaction save one's golden time, money and in the same time it is a trustworthy procedure.

From trade point of view, Ecommerce is much more cost effective contrast to traditional commerce method as it is run by a website which is designed by a web design company. This is due to the reason that the costing for the third parties to sell their goods can be saved and amused to other bearings of their business. One can take an example of the giant computer enterprise, which is habituated to earn a big amount of cash in such method by running most of their business through internet without teeming with any third party. Aside from saving trading cost, marketing for Ecommerce can attain a large number of customer to cost ratio as investing for the advertisement on the internet is much cheaper than putting up a roadside banner or shooting a television commercial ad. Number of employees needed to run an Ecommerce business is somewhat much less compared to the traditional commerce setup it only needs an elegant website designed by a website design company. To run an Ecommerce business, only a head office setup is needed rather than a head office with a few number of branches to run the trade. For traditional commerce, the cost for worker, maintenance, communications and office rental is being waste which can be substitute by a single cost in a Ecommerce website development trading method, by web hosting. These are the main reasons due to which the cost can be reduced in Ecommerce.

Connectivity among customer and trader is an important part as it is the key factor determining the whole business. In distinct to the business standpoint, Ecommerce hand over better connectivity for its future customer as their corresponding website can be accessed effectually from anywhere via Internet
if properly built by a website design company. It also eliminates the geographical limitation of business, hence more potential customers can get in touch with the company's business. From the client viewpoint, Ecommerce is much more convenient as it can fetch one all the products from catalogue without any tumult, compare prices between products and on top of that, they can do it even from home or at work, without stepping out a single inch from their place. Besides that, for both client and trader, Ecommerce validate to be more favourable as online swapping has less red tape compared to traditional commerce way.

In modern global market sense, the rise of Ecommerce as a lead has opened up numerous dormers of opportunities for a diversity of other companies and bankers. For illustration, due to the roaring of Ecommerce, more and more resources are being managed into electronic securities, internet facilities, trade plans and new technologies. As a result of this process, a variety of new vends have gushed from Ecommerce itself giving a boost to the global retail.

In a nutshell, if without any major difficulty,
Ecommerce will assuredly continue to mature in the global vend and eventually, it will become a leading business plan for the companies in order to survive in recent world and halt commutative in the ever changing market.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

How To Get Free Web Hosting Plan?

First we have to know what is web hosting? Before a website is accessible through the internet it goes through several processes. Firstly you need a web designer who will designed the web pages as per your need using different scripts, html, css etc. after the design is completed the web pages will be stored in designer computer even the design is complete the website is not ready yet to access it through internet we need to upload all the web file to the server which is world wide web. Renting server space from the provider we called web hosting. To access this by everyone you need a domain name. Domain name is a unique web address that we type in the web browser address bar. So to have a website you need three things web hosting, web designing, domain name.
There are different types of web hosting plans that are available:
  • Shared web hosting service
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Virtual dedicated server
  • Dedicated hosting service
  • Managed hosting service
  • Cloud hosting
  • Grid hosting

Free webhosting:

  • It is a limited service given by different companies for their advertisement and the accessibility is limited compared to paid hosting.
  • To get a free web hosting first you have to sign up for free web hosting plan. After the sign up process is done login in your email address to activate your web hosting plan.
  • Then go to your web hosting service site and login in your account with your user name and password. Then copy your main hosting details to visit the website.
  • After opening your website click on create domain name then register you domain name. Choose the option free domain name to get free web hosting and free domain name plan.
  • After that you have to manage your website expiry date through control panel.
  • Generally free web hosting plan are for limited period. After the expiry of that period you have to switched to paid plans.

So these are the easy process you can follow to get you own free web hosting. by using your own domain name for your website or blog you can start an online business or educational site or whatever you want. you can do something independently so lets just get started.

I believe that in recent times web hosting is been a great business to work with. The web designing has changed the whole market of free web hosting for students. The world believes that they can find the solution of anything with internet but for one thing that is must not be sure because the world is not defined with the internet. The effort they put in to the science and technology is great. I have seen people working for hours in daily basis to make the lives of us simple and worthy of living.

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Friday, 4 March 2016

How To Choose Wisely And Register An Effective Domain Name

A domain name signifies the online status and contact point of a business or organization. For choosing and registering the domain name, one has to follow the steps mentioned hereunder one by one.

Selecting a memorable domain name

Domain registration should always be short, easy to remember and related to core business. If the name of the product or company is not unique, two words combination can be used. Since there is no hard and fast rule in choosing a domain name, it can be a combination of the name of the company and name of the product or service.

Research an effective domain name registration

All key words relating to industry, products, services, audiences, and key differentiating factors can be considered in framing a domain name. A candid discussion with some domain provider can be beneficial.
Chances are that each of the keywords listed has already been taken separately. But, one can utilize his list to form two-word combinations. He should try to choose words those are not easy to mismark, or are not easily bewildered with others. Combinations with and without hyphens can also be taken into account.
Setting aside an effective domain name is the most crucial part. Word combinations require rigorous brainstorm because it should be unique, small, easily memorable and at the same time catchy too. It is not bad to take advice of refuted domain registering company.

Availability review

Availability of the domain name can be checked from the web page of accredited registrar or domain Registration India. One has to just type the name into the search box on their site. The program will inform right away if the name is available. Do check all of the top name choices, and minor variations of them. If the chosen name is easily misspelled, one should go for checking and registering misspellings of the name and pointing those additional domains to the same website. Seamed and non seamed versions of the same name can also be checked and registered from domain registration company in kolkata.

Domain Extension

At this point there is a range of domain name extensions to select from. A domain name extension is the letter combination put next to the domain alias itself. The domain owner has to decide which extension is most important to his business. It depends on his audience, business nature and the image he wants to promote.


Once the domain name is finalised and availability is positive, it is easy to register the same. List of registration authorities can be selected from ICANN website. Or an domain booking company.
When choosing a registrar:
  • Bypass the organizations that cost high
  • Select an organization that provide timely phone call and email, client service, full FAQs, and a handy website.
  • Choose an organization that offers lineaments suitable for taking leverage, at present or in future.
The price tag of a domain name depends on the extension chosen, and the features awarded by the registrar such as Domain Forwarding or Gripping In most cases, charges can be paid online using a credit or debit cards, NEFT, RTGS, although some registrars accept cheques.
Once the domain is registered, provision must be considered for its renewal to utilise its uninterrupted service as well as enjoy its unlimited advantage.