Friday, 4 March 2016

How To Choose Wisely And Register An Effective Domain Name

A domain name signifies the online status and contact point of a business or organization. For choosing and registering the domain name, one has to follow the steps mentioned hereunder one by one.

Selecting a memorable domain name

Domain registration should always be short, easy to remember and related to core business. If the name of the product or company is not unique, two words combination can be used. Since there is no hard and fast rule in choosing a domain name, it can be a combination of the name of the company and name of the product or service.

Research an effective domain name registration

All key words relating to industry, products, services, audiences, and key differentiating factors can be considered in framing a domain name. A candid discussion with some domain provider can be beneficial.
Chances are that each of the keywords listed has already been taken separately. But, one can utilize his list to form two-word combinations. He should try to choose words those are not easy to mismark, or are not easily bewildered with others. Combinations with and without hyphens can also be taken into account.
Setting aside an effective domain name is the most crucial part. Word combinations require rigorous brainstorm because it should be unique, small, easily memorable and at the same time catchy too. It is not bad to take advice of refuted domain registering company.

Availability review

Availability of the domain name can be checked from the web page of accredited registrar or domain Registration India. One has to just type the name into the search box on their site. The program will inform right away if the name is available. Do check all of the top name choices, and minor variations of them. If the chosen name is easily misspelled, one should go for checking and registering misspellings of the name and pointing those additional domains to the same website. Seamed and non seamed versions of the same name can also be checked and registered from domain registration company in kolkata.

Domain Extension

At this point there is a range of domain name extensions to select from. A domain name extension is the letter combination put next to the domain alias itself. The domain owner has to decide which extension is most important to his business. It depends on his audience, business nature and the image he wants to promote.


Once the domain name is finalised and availability is positive, it is easy to register the same. List of registration authorities can be selected from ICANN website. Or an domain booking company.
When choosing a registrar:
  • Bypass the organizations that cost high
  • Select an organization that provide timely phone call and email, client service, full FAQs, and a handy website.
  • Choose an organization that offers lineaments suitable for taking leverage, at present or in future.
The price tag of a domain name depends on the extension chosen, and the features awarded by the registrar such as Domain Forwarding or Gripping In most cases, charges can be paid online using a credit or debit cards, NEFT, RTGS, although some registrars accept cheques.
Once the domain is registered, provision must be considered for its renewal to utilise its uninterrupted service as well as enjoy its unlimited advantage.

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