Saturday, 27 February 2016

The First Step Toward A New Website Is Domain Name Registration

Well website making is just been a new trend in these days. People make their own blog to publish their own thoughts about one particular thing and want to share how they feel about the present situation. They actually think that is a bold kind of thing. Well it is indeed a great feeling of getting thousands of followers of your blog. Do you want to get the taste of it? So for that you need to make your own blog first but how do you do that?
Before make you any website or blog indeed what you need is a just domain name. Domain name helps you to recognize your website. Most people like to name their blog website according to their domain name but in some case it does not happen because the name can already be taken by any other user. So domain naming is not that easy as you think of it at first look.

How you buy the domain name from a domain registering company?

Domain registration India is a very easy thing to handle. The domain registers sell it, as they have access to the DNS database. Even a few hosting providers sell it. They actually come with some interesting packages to you, like buying domain name with certain hosting plan. Well for them who do not know what is web hosting is, I would like to tell them that it is very simple to understand it. The space needed to hold your website together is called the disc space and the people who provide that are called web hosting resellers.

Importance of extensions 

The importance of extensions is very important as you do not think of them but they are domain registration company in kolkata. They affect your website’s rankings in search engine. Well most prefer to have dot com extensions. There are other extensions like dot info, dot org, and dot net. But having dot com is more preferred as they say.

The dot com extension can cost you Rs.599 per year where if you want cheap extensions like dot co dot in you can easily get them at Rs.99 per year cost.


Registration period of your domain

Everything has expiry date as these domain provider also do have the same. The registration time can be of 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years time and most people who have a running and successful business to work on they choose 10 years of time period.

Privacy of domain registration

Domain registration can be a typical job to do at times. I mean the people do these kinds of stuffs they have to deal a lot every day to keep the privacy maintained of their clients. Privacy maintained? Yes you have hard me right. Every kind of things even the smallest of the things and details have been kept private for the website’s sake and if your register not providing the facility go and ask him for it. It takes few extra bucks per year more to add the security patch in your website by most domain booking company.

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