Thursday, 4 February 2016

Making Profit Without Investing For Hardware As Bulk SMS Reseller

The most lucrative business with almost zero investment, zero risk and high return is SMS reselling. As the name suggests, it is to offer text messages without going about as a mobile network or in rivalry with the networks. Here one can join a SMS administration supplier as an affiliate and buy texts from the administration supplier. The texts, so procured, would be sold to customers afterwards at his own desired prices.

The main reasons for the business to be lucrative, are : 

  •         Minimal investment

  •         No overhead

  •         High Profit, and

  •         Low setup time

Mobile marketing is the practice of the day. Companies use SMS post to spot out their presence in the market. Socio-political groups use bulk messaging to contact mass public. Religious organizations take advantage of SMS media for expanding apprehensions about their schedules of different festivals, cultures and thoughts. Large groups use text messaging for communications within their groups. There is hardly any trade that is not assisted or utilizing bulk messaging for one reason or another.

The bulk SMS reseller is the only person who can offer cheap text messages. The controversy why one should operate bulk messaging service when one can throw as many text messages from his mobile set, is baseless. It is quite impossible to send millions of messages from a handheld device. Also it is not practical and cost effective at all. Actually mobiles phones are made for making and receiving calls. SMS is an added feature. The problem in using cell phone for sending bulk SMS is that one needs to put hundreds of mobile numbers in the set.

The SMS reseller doesn’t have to do much attempt for shooting messages as he uses the software provided and maintained by his service provider. He logs into the software right from his computer and shoots up as many messages as he needs.

Reseller buys the text messages on credit from the service provider and resells those SMSs to his customers at an add on price. He gives the cost price of the messages to the service provider and retains the add on amount for his own. Companies and professionals never mind paying the price for bulk SMSs.

Anyone who has workaday knowledge of computers and who can operate software, can become a SMS reseller. The capital investment required for starting this venture is only for a fully operative computer with high speed Internet. One can start this business from his home and earn good profit every month. After starting this business, he can contact various outlets, salons, companies and professionals working close to his base point for business. Since SMS advertising and marketing is in high demand, it gives him new avenue, in turn, to find new and potential clients.

Most remunerative point of interest of beginning the business is that here one is allowed to focus his net revenue himself. SMS Companies never assume any part in deciding his benefit. He is allowed to design his net profit on his own by reframing the needs of his customers.

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