Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kolkata is Becoming a Hub of Outsourcing of Website Designing

Kolkata is slowly becoming the back office of the entire world. Web related outsourcing has been growing at the rate of 16.78% on a year on year basis. This has made this city very popular on the website designing and development front. Many Information Technology related companies are opening up in Kolkata who are looking for the best talents and innovations. Competition is stiff and the clients are looking for the best quality of work at the cheapest price.

What Do the Website Designing Companies Provide?

A website design company can provide very important solutions to any kind of web based business. E-Commerce has been booming and the need for Information Technology and web related support has been increasing. The major solutions that the designing company provides are:

  • The company understands the requirement of the client and prepares a website in conjunction with the needs of the client.
  • The company is also responsible for updating the website as per the specification of the client.
  • Apart from updating the company also helps in renewal, maintenance and upkeep of the website.
  • The website designing company can also provide the client with a lot of advice which it has developed from its experience by working on related clients.
  • The company is also supposed to provide all kinds of tech support that the client might need on the website.

Why do The Clients Outsource This Entire Function and What Do They Look For?

The web based businesses are mostly engaged in the operations of the business. Most web based businesses are small and medium scale enterprises that operate with low capital and fewer employees. As a result it is not viable for them to operate an in house website developing and maintaining department. Moreover, website designing is a one time job and its maintenance does not require a great deal of work. This is the main reason why web based businesses prefer to outsource this job.

A website design company in Kolkata gets a greater number of projects because Kolkata has some of the best IT professionals who are very good in this job. Secondly, labour is very cheap in Kolkata which makes it a preferable destination for the clients.

The clients look for a reliable, efficient and standard maintaining company that can provide a good quality website designing facility, maintenance and update installation at competitive prices. This job is done very well by the companies in Kolkata. The bottom line is that they are cheap and effective.

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