Sunday, 9 November 2014

Usage for Windows Hosting in Kolkata Increases

Merits of Windows Hosting in Kolkata:

Windows Hosting Service
If you are webmaster looking to host a website, one of the first and foremost things you should decide on is on what operating system the server will run on. There are several options for you to explore and use when selecting a web hosting provider. Windows and Linux are the two most used systems on the market. However, recently it has been noted that, the Windows system is the preferred hosting system over its rivals. Many companies in Kolkata are also suggestion clients to go for Windows because of the image and the capability of the, brand and the system,respectively A Kolkata based web hosting company recently agreed that a rise has been seen by them in users opting for windows hosting over Linux.

Why Select The Windows Web Hosting System?

                     The easy interface; drag and drop feature
                     Effortless integration with other Windows applications and software.
                     MySQL database is possible with windows web hosting.
                     Access database usage also possible.
                     Both JavaScript and HTML pages are supported on Windows web hosting
                     Secured hosting system is maintained by Windows web hosting
                     Windows brand name and reputation also has its advantages.

All websites in the whole wide world either use Windows web server or Linux based server. The majority user use the Linux based system because they believe it has a much stronger secured system, this is wrong. Both have similar sort of security layers in the web hosting system.  Using ASP (A Microsoft developed technology) or ASP.NET script in your website will require you to use the windows hosting system. The emergence of these two technologies in the market has prompted many web masters to use the Windows web hosting system over their main rivals, Linux web hosting system.

What are the Other Operation Systems?

As mentioned above, there are the main two operators, but there are still two more providers in the web hosting market. The following are the 4 main and major web hosting system:
  • Windows
  • Linux 
  • Macintosh 
  • Unix

All of them have their pros and cons, but the Windows web hosting system is fast becoming the main choice for webmasters all over the world. Linux has enjoyed success in the last decade because of its so called higher security layers in the system. Microsoft, however, has pulled its weight in the last couple of years to create a similar security detail in their web hosting services. Companies offering the service of windows hosting in Kolkata have seen an enormous increase in clients in the recent years.

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