Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How to Setup Web Server in Windows 7

It has been well known that the internet Information Services of Microsoft is a solid performer when it comes to the web server. It comes along with Windows 7.  After research work, I came to learn that it is a very powerful tool to create along with configuring the server. Only requirement is to provide own original content for server along with putting it in the right place. Within a few minutes I can now have my Web server which will be running on the machine incorporated with Windows 7.

Valuable Instructions Associated with Windows Hosting

It will be my pleasure to bring to you some basic instructions helpful for windows hosting which are easy to follow and understand. They are:
  • First of all one needs to click the “Start” button of Windows, then “Control Panel” and finally select “Turn Windows Features On or Off”. Afterwards it is essential to select the check box on “Internet Information Services” and finally “OK” to allow the installation process to get finished. 
  •    Now the second step comprises of going back to the Windows “Start” button after closing of all dialog boxes. In the search box keying of “IIS” and finally selecting the link of “Internet Information Services” in the Program list.

  •      As soon as the IIS Manager box gets open in front of you, it is recommended to click the triangle beside the name of the machine in the Connections panel. After expanding of the link, it will be better to click on the “Sites” link and finally select “Add Web Site” from the Actions panel on the right side.

  •     Afterwards, as per the guidelines of windows hosting inKolkata the name of the website must be entered into the “Site name” box. This may either a personal or another domain name to identify the site.

  •      Now comes an interesting task of browsing the directory to search a relevant place to make the website content reside. This can be done by selecting the browse button to the right of “Physical path” box. In order to avoid confusion and go for easy identification one may choose the name of the directory matching the name of the website. The browser feature can also be used to create directory on the fly.

  •    The easiest method refers to navigating the parent folder of the site. By default “c:\inetpub\wwwroot” is considered where one needs to right click and roll the cursor over “New” and finally select “Folder” option. It is a good idea to provide a good name to the folder.

  •     Now, you need to enter the full name of the host or the site into the HostName box. After doing so, it is time to see the new site which has been listed in the “Sites Panel”. Afterwards, it is recommended o close the dialog box.

  •      Finally, you may put the website content into the directory that has been specified. By typing “localhost/<yoursitename>” the favorite browser can be started. The appearance of the initial page will finally indicate successful installation regarding windows hosting

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