Wednesday, 7 October 2015

5 Tips How to Make a Professional Looking Website

Just like our daily life’s fashion, even website designing is changing in a very robust and a continuous way. More new things are coming up in the domain and trends are also getting more exposure thanks to it. Creating a website can mean making sure that everything looks professional and appealing in it. 
So in order to make you more knowledgeable in this regard, let us take a look at the 5 most important things that you have to keep up with whilst making a new web site design.

  • Keep It Clean And Clear
Too many icons, pictures, buttons, badges, signs, pop ups and banners can ruin your user experience. Hence it is advisable to make your website clean and very neat. You can incorporate white spaces and flat designs in order to keep your creation simple. Also, make content of your website the most prominent thing; this is one of the best website design tips that you can ever get.

  • Check out other websites
When you are looking to make a new website, it is always better to do some sneaking and peaking, here and there. Check out websites and their pages, see what they have done and take and jot down notes regarding them. You can also make a website just like that, hence why not!
Also, check out specific parts and aspects of a website. For example, on one site you may like the contact us page, while on the other you might like the color pattern. Get inspired and use them in your own creation or convey them to your personal website design company.

  • Use significant visualization
It is noted that people’s eyes on a web page move first from top to bottom and then from left to right. Use this advantage for your own use and place content on the most favorable sides. For example, placing a ‘buy now’ button on the top left of your page, can be beneficial for your cause. But do not clutter the whole area; just keep it simple and clean. This notion is known in the web site designing world as visualization hierarchy.

  •  Make your text content easy to see and read

Text is quite vital for any website as it allows a website to interact with the user. Just make sure that your site’s text is correctly placed and is available in a font that is suitable to read. Also, make sure that the colors you use are quite sober. For example, red over yellow won’t work. While black over white would. You do not want your users do end up with a headache, do you? Font style and size also should be appropriate, as, if they are small, they can easily kill off your viewers. Also, be consistent with your font, size and colour; do not change it from page to page.

  • Mobile version
Your website is incomplete if it cannot be accessed from the cell phones. You can use Wix site creator which has a mobile viewing editor to make your mobile version. Just make sure you incorporate the above mentioned things, as, we are sure, you do not want to miss out or lose on users.

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