Friday, 15 January 2016

How Domain Extensions Are Helpful in the Online Business World

In this highly competitive era of ecommerce, one needs to revamp one’s business strategy and use the benefits of digitalisation in order to be ahead of their competitors and also to successfully increase profit margin. More and more consumers are turning to online transaction and entrepreneurs know better than to operate offline only. While some common online terms are easy to get along with, others might be a little tricky. In this article we are going to discuss the uses of domain extensions and the benefits that come with it upon successful implementation during domain registration process.

To put it in layman’s terms, a domain extension is the suffix at the end of a web address like .net, .in or even .com which specifies an internet category or country code. To simplify it further some of the popular domain names are:

      • .com – This is an open domain extension. Any person or company is allowed to register on it
      • .org -   Represents the word organisation and used by non profit groups 
      • .net - Represents network and is commonly used by Internet service providers , Web-hosting companies or other businesses 
      • .int  – Represents international domain names
      • .edu – Represents educational institutions
      • .gov – Websites of governments

Domain extensions help online businesses in these following ways mentioned below

      • Better branding and shorter URL names which indicate the business website thus leading the customer to visit that specific page
      • Nifty easy to remember names which are both meaningful and memorable
      •  Indicate the site’s overall functionality and purpose
      •  Increase consumer traffic
      • Represent the type of business one has and provide a quick review about it 
      • Celebrities and other influential members of the public are already using it which make it all the more popular among people 
      • Micro site availability for businesses

Creating a brand image online is an investment of time and money for any ecommerce business. It is a key digital representation of your brand and business, and it needs to be powerful enough to penetrate the countless marketing schemes targeting consumers each day. Domain extensions impact your brand’s online success. Businesses cannot afford to lose web traffic and memorable extensions like .com can ensure that the proper advertising of the brand results in prospective consumers recalling the web name. When branding your business online the domain extension can have a huge impact on your success in the online world. Correct and proper use of this can create a very loyal and potential consumer base thus increasing your overall profit at minimal cost.

Importance of domain registration and hostingfor successful presence in the web businesses both local and international should endeavour to learn and make proper use of extensions when it comes to creating an attractive and consumer luring website. Just as in contents of the website are important in luring consumers, smart use of domain extensions can ensure better branding and customer loyalty. While many business owners know how important it is to use a correct domain name, the need for a correct domain extension is usually an afterthought. Recent studies have also indicated that the domain extension is just as important as a domain name when establishing an effective and memorable web address.

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