Monday, 4 April 2016

Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-commerce Website

E-commerce website is also known as electronic commerce website. It is actually buying and selling products and services through electronic media like internet. In modern life e-commerce becoming a very popular option for many business. Due to the large number of demands of clients many companies are opening their e-stores.

Advantages of e-commerce website design

  • The best part of e-commerce website is you can shop 24 x 7. Now days approx 60% of people buying goods online for their comfort. I must say it is much more easy than going in shops and searching for your goods, you can do it whenever you want and that’s pretty good. People love online shopping because of its easiness. 
  • E-commerce website is very user friendly if designed properly by the web design company and they also have online banking property. So if you are far from your loved one and you wants to gift them something you can easily send your gift to them through e-commerce website. They have a really good shipping service. 
  • E-commerce website also provides lots of offer and the good part is they always used to remind their customers about their offers. The website design company put necessary programs to make the services available to the customer.
  • I must say that this is a very user friendly shopping cause you can cancel your order whenever you want and after getting the product if you don’t like it you can replace it or refund the money. So the website making company has to use proper coding to ensure that everything works well. 
  • They also provide all the specification of the products so that customer can get to know all the features or quality of the product before buying it. 
  • If someone running a physical store then their business becomes limited to a certain geographical area but when you are running an online store your business becomes world wide. You can sell products and services across the world with the help of website design services. This is really a great achievement of e-commerce website. 
  • E-commerce website is really very much economical cause you don’t need to spend money for physical store or maintenance all you need is a unique idea good ecommerce website development infrastructure and here you go. 
  • You can easily compare the price of products in e-commerce website. 

Disadvantages of e-commerce website

  • Everything has a good part and a bad part. The bad part of e-commerce website is it is not user friendly for everyone, those people who don’t have smart phones, computers, internet they are unable to use it. Internet cost is still not cheap so its not affordable for everyone. 
  • Sometimes the server gets congested and it becomes difficult to use. 
  • Lack of security is also a problem as we are doing online banking through this. So its better to use trusted sites with https:// rather http://. 
  • You have to keep your application updated otherwise you might face problem while shopping. This is solved by a responsive web design company
  • Creating an e-commerce application in your home is very costly and also you need to promote your website so that people get to know about it. 
  • Some amount of people still prefer physical store more than e-stores because of lack of touch or fell while shopping. 

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