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A Brief Overview of How to design a responsive website?

First we have to know what is responsive website designing and what is the difference between normal website designing and responsive web site designing. Responsive web designing is work of designing a website which is suitable to use form any device laptop, mobiles and every screen size etc. responsive web site design helps to provide a great visual experience to everyone and it is designed in a such a way so that it is able to use from ever where everyone will have same experience. In case of normal web designing the version for mobile is made differently but due to responsive website design we don’t need to design the website differently for mobiles this design is applicable for all kind of device. The layouts are very much flexible it changes automatically with the screen size. The best three part of flexible web designing is flexible layouts, media queries and flexible media. Flexible layouts are capable of resizing images according to any width.

Steps to design a responsive website

The actual formula of flexible layout is to divide the target element width with the present element width and it will give the required element width.

While coding for the responsive web design company you need to declare some packages at first cause you need to access many property and they are different packages. Just an example if you are using java you need to declare the package for applet. Remember one thing when you are using applet there will be no main class there will be only an applet class and the whole work will be done on that class.

If you are using HTML use the package 'html5 reset' this is a folder structure which represent the embryo of a website. When you are designing a responsive website it is very important that you should have a good knowledge on graphics designing. Better to consult a web design company in Kolkata.

While doing the coding it is very important to add the meta tag on the head section of your website, this tag ask the browser to render the width of the web page at the width of the screen of the device you are using.

website making company using media queries you can assign different style sheets based on browser window size. It means you can style your website at different browser width. Example mobile, tablet all in the same CSS file.

Most of the advanced website company uses flexible containers, flexible type, flexible margins and padding, flexible images helps you to get responsive website.

So the basic three steps to design a responsive website is to set a meta viewport tag, to create a fluid grid and to use media queries in your CSS file.

This is how you can easily design an own responsive website the best way to design this is to use HTML5 for coding. After the web designing it is very important to get the domain name and web hosting because without this people will not able to access your website so this is also a must have.

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