Thursday, 14 July 2016

Domain Name Registration Is The First Key Of Running An Own Website

After completing the design part of your website the next step is to make it available to everyone to make it accessible to everyone you need to connect your website through network that is internet network. Whatever the name of your website an extension is needed for connecting it to internet and that is known as domain name. Domain name is a unique web address that we type in the web browser address bar.

Domain name registration is a process which takes lot of time and dedication to complete in that case when you choose the name you have to be absolutely sure, because once you choose the name you cannot re-change it. If you change it then the whole website will be of no use. It’s like starting from the beginning and no one wants that to happen. Basically what happens is you lose all your ranks, like Google rank and search engine ranks. This means you lose your reputation of your website. extensions are divided into different category. The other extensions are not that much expensive as the. com extensions. Resellers charge $10 per year for it while $1 per year for dot info extensions. Domain registration is a must have for your website cause without this your website can not be accessible through internet.

NIC: network interface card. The hardware interface from a host to the network.

MAC: medium access control is a six hex number that uniquely defines nic. Eg 00:09:9f:9y: d4:45

Domain name: host may have a domain name which maps onto an ip address.


Steps To Register Domain Name


The first step for cheapest domain registration is you need to choose a name for your blog or website whatever you want to give.

The next step is to get the name certified from the people who are in charge of access in the DNS database. Once your name is satisfied you have to choose the URL for your website.

Some domain names after registration time period not been registered. In that case the domain names are been auctioned by the domain provider and you can buy them at an affordable price. In that case, you can get those unused names for your website which are already popular.

Now a little suggestion for your help. While you are choosing the name for domain registration India you must remember the fact that the name must be unique and never been used before or linked with any other website. If the name is copyrighted with any other website then that particular website has the authority to sue your website and in that case you won’t be able to do anything.

When you purchase a domain name with the help of a domain registering company it doesn’t mean you are the owner of that domain name. it means you are getting the right to use this name for certain period of time..after that if you want to use it again you have to renew it.

I it may happen that other person having the same domain name with. net extension as the same name of your website and can run the same site. To stop arising this problem its better you register your domain name through domain booking company with all available extension.

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