Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Beginners Guide Outlining The Basics Of Web Hosting

You might be aware about the process of building a web page. The procedure for getting domain name and domain name registration might have been done by you. You might have also designed your web page properly but now you are in a fix and want to know how to launch your websites and what are the procedures involved for properly launching.

So in this article, it will be tried to brief you in a short and succinct way about the further steps involved for launching your website. The bottom line is that your web page needs to be accessed and viewed by other people without facing any problem whenever they wish.

After building your website you need to launch your website. There comes the service of web hosting India which will be required to publish your web page and announce to the world that you have come and started your web site.


How A Web Hosting Service Performs:

You might have come across with the term server but you really do not know what exactly it is.. A server is nothing but very high-powered and advanced computers. These servers have huge capacity and it can store volumes of files.

A web hosting service works by storing the files of a website in their server, and also connects the server to a network which operates very fast. Now let us clarify how we access a website.
  • When the web address or the URL is put into the browser window, the address locates the server where the website is located. Your computer requests the server for carrying out the task wanted by you.
  • Upon receipt of the request, the server gets into the work and assimilates all its resources to fulfil your request. The request may to download some file or to open some specific page of the website, or may be to run some specific application, etc.
  • After successfully carrying out your request, the server delivers the content.
  • Finally the content is displayed in the browser of your computer.
So it is like a feed back control which operates in a close loop. Your computer request its search information to the web hosting Server, Server accepts and processes the request, and send the feedback to your computer.

It is the responsibility of the web hosting company to maintain the server properly. Also the Web Hosting service provider will provide you the necessary support required for running your website smoothly. Many a times websites do not load properly and it is a very painful experience for the visitors to vist your website and wait for long time to see the contents of your site. Normally it is the issue of bandwidth provided to you by your Web Host for your website.

You have to approach your web hosting provider to provide you sufficient bandwidth so that the performance of your website is good. Also the security of your website is a big issue. There are lot of reports of hacking of website and the files. A good Web Hosting Company can take care of this issue properly and can provide you the necessary security protection for your website. Therefore you need to choose your linux web hosting providers judiciously.

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