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Examples And Best Practices Of Breadcrumbs In Website Design

There are many ways by which you can make your website design more exciting and marketable. It is very important for you to keep track of the latest developments taking place in Website Design. These developments are not the result of mere whims and fancies of some over enthusiastic professionals, but these are results of several investigations and research which are continuously being carried out to make the art of website design more attractive and effective. One of these findings is Breadcrumb Navigation which is very important for a Website having a lot of pages.


What Is A Breadcrumb Navigation?

Breadcrumb Navigation is a secondary navigation scheme and it reveals the location of the user in Website. The origin of the term can be traced back to the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. The two children in the story dropped breadcrumbs to make a trail back to their originating home. In the similar fashion as depicted in the story, the Breadcrumb Navigation helps users to trace their way back to their original landing point. The number of actions taken by a user for Website Navigation reduces greatly by using Breadcrumb Navigation in a website design India. In a very simple way to explain, Breadcrumbs are text links arranged horizontally and separated by the greater than symbol. This symbol indicates the level of the page you are in relative to the other page links in the website design.

The Advantages Of Using Breadcrumb In Website Design:

The Breadcrumb navigation technique is particularly suitable for large Websites having a lot of pages in it. The Breadcrumb navigation technique can help to systematically arrange the pages. It is like maintaining a suitable cataloguing system used in a large library to locate a particular book among the vast resources easily.

Breadcrumb navigation should not be used for a single level Website which does not have a logical hierarchy or a grouping facility. You can have a look in the responsive web design company styles and get a feel for the way the products in the site have been grouped in a logical way. The great way to decide whether a site needs Breadcrumb Navigation is to construct the sitemap for the Website you are dealing. The site map should represent the navigation architecture of the Website. Once you have constructed the site map, the navigation should be analyzed to identify whether you really need to have a Breadcrumb Navigation System to be incorporated in the website design. Breadcrumb Navigation system is a secondary navigation Design and it is there to support the primary navigation system of the Website. It is a convenience created or an alternative way of navigation in website design services.

Different Types Of Breadcrumbs:

Three main types of Breadcrumb Navigation are used while making the website design with the help of website marketing company. These can be discussed as follows:

Location Based Breadcrumbs:

Ecommerce website development having multi-levels normally uses this type of Breadcrumbs. Location based Breadcrumb Navigation show the location of the user in the hierarchy of the Website.

Attribute based Breadcrumbs:

Attribute-based Breadcrumb Navigation trails display a particular page based on the attribute. For example, if you are looking for some accessories for a computer manufactured by a particular website design company you may find the use of this type of navigation system while you make the website design, very helpful.

Path-Based Breadcrumbs:

This type of Breadcrumbs reveals the path the user has taken to a particular Web page.

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