Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Choose The Extras Offered By Web Hosting Provider Judiciously

The tremendous competition in the market for the web hosting Business has literally forced the service providers to innovate their Business strategies. It is no longer that any plan is based on the simple Hosting offer of Websites. Almost all plans are accompanied with various features and extras and it has become a very tough choice for the users to select the right plan. The advancement of technology has made it all the more difficult as the choice of suitable extras are very important for the popularity and the success of a Website. Therefore, it will be better if the customers can get themselves polished up and refresh their knowledge on what extras are available in the market and what extras they really need to look for to make their Website more successful and trendy.

The Wonderful Tool For Site Building:

Many web hosting providers facilitate the customers with the site building tools. This has been accepted as a very valuable feature. This becomes very useful to those particularly who wants to build their site as well as wants to host their site as a one-stop solution. Various attractive templates are offered for building the Website and you can simply drag and drop the suitable templates for building your Website.

The other option is to use a suitable content Management System or CMS such as Joomla or Word press or Drupal. With the help of this CMS, you can suitably design your Website and you can further host your site staying within the Web Hosting Company.

Get a Domain:

Many times linux web hosting providers help you get a Domain at a very cheap price or sometimes free. When you get a Domain free from a Web Hosting provider, all things related to your Website can be consolidated in a single account. Sometimes the provider may limit the number of sub domains which may cause a significant limitation in certain conditions.

Registering your Domain has a certain privacy related issues as declaring your name and contact details to the provider and allowing the provider to access the details online. If you feel that it is an intrusion to your privacy policy, you may opt for paying the extra amount for securing your privacy details. You may get your Domain Name Privacy by paying some extra money which may relieve you from any possibility to access your personal details by the provider.

Robust Solution For Email:

Make sure that you receive a good email solution from your Web Hosting Services which provides you with many mailboxes. Also, it should have features that you can fully use with your existing hardware. The compatibility of email service with other devices such as mobile, etc having IMAP protocols should be checked to ensure the usability and the effectiveness of the email service.

The Provision Of Static IP Address:

Normally the Web Hosting Service providers use the Shared Web Hosting Service widely. In the case of shared web hosting services, the hosting accounts are normally set up with dynamic IP address. The dynamic IP address changes as soon as the server gets rebooted or every time the server goes offline due to any reason like link failure or server breakdown. This becomes the responsibility of the DNS server to track the IP address and after that to translate the same into Domain Name for tracking.

A Static IP address gets rid of this problem as it gives the server a permanent location on the internet. The website can be accessed at any point of time from anywhere in this case and it is highly suitable for VOIP services like SKYPE and is also very much suitable for two connection service like gaming, etc.

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