Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Ways In Which a Web Hosting Company Functions

Without a Web Hosting Service, it would not have been possible for you to host your Website on the internet. A Web Hosting Service provider alleviates the hassles for you for searching a means to properly launch your Website and make your online presence felt. The functioning of web hosting companies is not so easy and there are a lot of activities which a Web Hosting Service provider undergoes. A short briefing about the Web Hosting Service and the related functions is given in this article.

The Basics Of A Web Hosting Service:

Building a Website means a collection of a set of files which you will like to share with the visitors frequenting your Website online. But if you want your customers to see your Website and visit your Website, you should first enable your Website to be hosted at the net and visible to other people. Here lies the function of a Web Hosting Service. Your data and files which you make for keeping your Website need to be stored in a server of a linux web hosting company. Your Website which will be identified by a unique Resource locator or URL or a Web Address will allow your site to be located.

What happens is when you make the request, the request is sent to the Web Server who collates all data stored with it, matches with the request made and further makes it available to your computer. This closed loop operation from the request sent by the computer to the server and the response of the server to your computer happens at a tremendous speed which you might not have noticed. The Website which will be hosted in the Web Hosting server can be located easily by the address you put in your browser. This exchanging of information can be carried out suitably by the use of HTML or hypertext transfer protocol.

The Importance Of a Web Server:

A Web Server is not only hardware. In fact it is a combination of the highly powerful computer with huge storage facility along with a software program which accepts the request made by the client in HTTP format and converts the request to the acceptable language of the Web Server.

An web hosting service provider will consist of heavy duty hard drive and with huge RAM. This also should be accompanied by a high processor. The disk space in the Web Server needs to be sufficiently high to allow customers or customers keep their data and files comfortably. The Web Server which will need to have a high-speed connection and high bandwidth should be able to perform very quickly with high speed. The up-time of the Web Server should be very high so that the Websites of the customers should be kept available all the time round the day and throughout the year. For this the maintenance of Web Server is very critical.

The Web Server is defined by an IP address and located by that IP address easily. If a Web Server fails to process or accept an HTTP request made, the error notification will be sent to the computer of the customer immediately. The best web hosting company also many times ensure that the Web Servers have enough support for providing encrypted connections as well as the user authentication process.

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