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What Are The Ways To Transfer Domain Name Between Hosts After Domain Registration?

There are times when you find that the Domain Registration which you had made with a Registrar is not up to the mark. There were a lot of issues which were unknown to you during cheapest domain registration and the problems which you are facing with the operation of your Domain is making you unhappy. What do you do in this case? The best option is to transfer your Domain Name to another Registrar or a Hosting service. Before we discuss the procedure, you should know about the Domain terms in brief for better understanding.

Defining the various Domain terms:

The Domain Name is defined:

When we start discussing Domain Registration company, the first thing which comes to mind is the Domain Name. A Domain name can be simply defined as the internet address made suitable for human reading. The address has been uniquely registered to an organisation or to an individual. The Domain Name is separated by a dot and the part which is situated to the left of the Dot is known as the sub domain. The Domain Name which has been expressed in letters actually consists of a string of numbers called the IP address and is difficult to be remembered easily. Thus the name is converted to a human-readable form so that the users can easily type the name. The Domain Name generated is used in the DNS or the Domain Name System which is linked to the server information such as the IP address or the Internet protocol address.
Registration and the hosting of the Domains:

The Domain Registration and the hosting of the Domains are very vital for gaining success. The Domain Registration is usually done with a Domain Registrar. The Domain Registrar acts as a middleman and will let you request a desired Domain Name. The Registrar further interacts with the Central Registry for a particular TLD or Top Level Domain. This will ensure that same Domain Name is never registered twice. The fee of a domain booking company is required to be paid for the functioning of the Domain Name and depending on the type of the contract, the Domain Registration fee has to be paid for Domain Registration renewal. ICANN has to be paid a part of the fee while the central authority for the TLD has to be paid a certain amount also. The role of the Central Registry is to keep details of your Domain which can be further broken down into information related to the ownership, the administrative, the billing contacts, the technical details and the associated mailing address and the email address.

The Domain Hosting:

After the domain name registration is complete, it is required to host the Domain Name in two or sometimes more DNS name server which will respond to the DNS records. The Domain Registration will point to the DNS hosts. The DNS host keeps records of the main Domain as well as the sub Domain. When a request is made for getting a DNS record by a computer or any other connected system from anywhere in the world, The Registration will point to the DNS hosts which will contain the information for the main Domain as well as the sub-Domain.

The preparation for the transfer of the Domain Name:

Forgetting the job started, you should first identify which functions are handled where. There are various firms for different functions like the Domain hosting, the Web Hosting, the email hosting and the domain name registration services. The procedure for moving a particular function will depend on the choice of that function only.

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