Friday, 27 April 2018

Why You Need to Select the Service of a Dedicated Server Company in Kolkata?

If you are operating a Website and want to have excellent performance for your Website without any limitation of the use of the resources, you need to choose a dedicated server provider in Kolkata. By dedicated hosting, it is meant about a hosting configuration which renders the service of a server exclusively for a single purpose or for a single organisation. The Shared Web Hosting, on the other hand, is completely different. Here, the server will be acting as a host for several clients. The Dedicated Server Company can offer a dedicated server and this can be set up in the house or can be used externally as a suitable service while staying within a data center. There are several benefits of a dedicated server and some of the important benefits are listed below.

It is possible to be customized:

A Dedicated Server Company in Kolkata offers freedom as well as control which is not possible to offer by any other Hosting provider. The server can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a client since the server resources are dedicated to a single client and there are no other co-habitants. A client can thus select as well as pay for the selected features that they require.

The uptime of the server can be improved:

It is very important for a Website to available online all the time and should remain functional for the customers to enjoy a good experience at any point of time and from anywhere. A Dedicated Server Company can ensure a high performance and total stability for a Website which ensures operation reliability and smooth conduct of Business almost all the time. The linux dedicated server provider in Kolkata offers to monitor of server and provides backup facilities along with suitable support service. This enables the functions of the Website to keep running in a smooth and seamless way.

The server congestion issue will not be there:

When you hire the service of a low cost dedicated server in Kolkata, the issue of server congestion will be absolutely low in comparison with a Shred Web Hosting service. In case of Shared Web Hosting, there is always an issue of congestion in case of the Shred service as here the traffic and the usage level by other Website operating in the same server and using the same resources often cross the limit. The use of the available disk space, bandwidth and the CPU usage become a real constraint in case of a Shared Hosting service. However, with Dedicated Hosting this does not become an issue at any point in time. When a Website requires using much of the resources and is in need to operate various functions, the service of the Dedicated Server Company is the best choice.

You will have good security also:

When you use the service of the best linux dedicated server in Kolkata, you will be able to deploy adequate security measures like the firewall configuration, installation of suitable anti-virus, etc which helps to overcome the security vulnerabilities suitably. Here, you will not suffer from the security vulnerabilities caused by operation of other Websites within the same server. Also, this type of servers when placed within the data centers can very well get benefited from the physical security measures which such facilities try to put in place. These facilities include security guards and mantraps and also bio-metric authentication.

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