Thursday, 17 May 2018

What Advantages You Can Get with a Linux VPS Hosting Provider in Kolkata?

Linux Virtual Private Server hosting or VPS hosting is very well known and if you are looking for a VPS hosting provider, you must have come across with such type of hosts. The most widely recommended hosting service is, of course, Linux VPS. A Linux VPS Hosting company in Kolkata has been in the Business for a long time and has an established reputation for the supply of such hosting service quite successfully for a long time. Let us first understand what is meant by Linux VPS hosting and why this is being widely recommended by people.

A brief about Linux VPS Hosting:

Let us first start our discussion with the Linux system. Linux operating system is an open source type OS. This means that this system can be used and can be distributed freely. In contrast, Windows OS is not open-source. For installing Linux, no license fees are required to be paid and it can be installed in any type of computer anywhere. The Linux VPS Hosting servers also need some OS to be installed. The choice is between the Linux and Windows OS for installation.

What does mean by VPS:

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a server which mimics the function of the actual physical server. It is possible to host many VPS by a physical server. A VPS server can have its own operating system and for this reason, it is termed as a Virtual Server. It functions in the same way as a Physical server function. When a virtual server chooses Linux operating system to run, it is called a Linux VPS Hosting. A top Linux VPS Hosting provider in Kolkata provides such Linux operating system in the virtual private servers to its clients successfully.

The availability of fully managed Linux Web Hosting is an added advantage:

The Web Hosting provides offer unmanaged as well as fully managed services. A Linux VPS Hosting provider can also provide a fully managed Linux VPS hosting plan. Here, the host becomes fully responsible for any technical issues related to the server. When any change in the server is required or you need to customize the server, you will simply need to inform the best Linux VPS Hosting who will be more than happy to be at your service promptly and solve the problem immediately. This quick response time of the provider makes the Linux VPS Hosting provider so popular. Unless the problems are timely resolved, the downtime for your Website will increase which means a big loss for your Business. 

Why Linux VPS hosting:

One of the main advantages of choosing Linux VPS is that this OS is reputed to be the most stable OS. It is very rare for a Linux VPS to get crashed and needs restart. Thus your server will hardly get crashed which means great savings for your Business. Moreover, the VPS hosting provider ensures the best security for the server. The Linux defense works very well against the malicious viruses and the Malware. The Linux VPS will allot sufficient resources for the server and it can scale up easily when there is a need for it. This helps a Business to grow very fast seamlessly. The need for a dedicated will be hardly felt for an increase in the traffic and if at all it is needed, you can by that time have secured your Business very well.

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