Wednesday, 9 May 2018

What are the Reasons for Choosing a Dedicated Server Company in Kolkata?

The Web Hosting world has several options for hosting and the Businesses have a wide choice of hosting companies for serving their Business. The choice of Web Hosting providers for the Website or the mail server or Web application can vary depending on the type of Business. However, for a progressive company which the s looking forward to acquiring more control and power in the online territory, will definitely like to get the service from the linux dedicated server provider.

What is a dedicated server:

A Dedicated Hosting means that the client will be provided with a server which will be used exclusively for the client. When a Dedicated Web Hosting, a client will rent a server form a dedicated Web Hosting provider and the provider will give the right to the client to use the resources of the server exclusively for the client. A dedicated server company in Kolkata who has got a lot of proficiency in this field can provide excellent use of the resources like the CPU, the RAM and the Disk Space which they will need to run their Website with more ease and with more authority. In case the Dedicated Hosting is a managed one, the Hosting provider will take all the responsibility for maintenance and building of the server. This will also reduce the cost of operations of the server significantly.

The advantages of using a dedicated server:

There are several advantages you can have when signing up with a linux dedicated server provider. The salient advantages are listed below:

1. The server resources will not be shared:

Use of the dedicated server means that the resources of the server will be at the disposal of the user solely. The best linux dedicated server in Kolkata provides a beautiful experience to the users by having the excellent facility of the disk space, bandwidth, the quick access by its clients. This also enables to achieve a high server uptime which is very satisfying for the customers and high page ranking by the search engines.

2. The security and the performance will be enhanced:

When you choose a dedicated server provider, you will get a guarantee for maximum uptime of the server and hence the Website. This will be far better than a Shared Web Hosting service which will be only good for a low to medium traffic. A Dedicated server will provide you more stability and reliability in comparison with a Shred Web Hosting server. Also, when you hire the service of the low cost dedicated server in Kolkata, your server space will not get crowded with several malicious sites or by a spammer. The availability of a dedicated server means more security. If a company is handling sensitive file transfer procedure over FTP or SSL, this type of service will be extremely helpful.

3. The flexibility of the service will be greatly improved:

With a dedicated server company, you will also have the potential of customizing your Server as per your requirement. This is never possible with a Shared server and the customers get limited in the use of the applications. Moreover, the customers are often offered software which may be outdated or are not suitable for the needs of the customers. The facility of customizing a server offered by the dedicated server provider in Kolkata will help you to choose the software as per your need. This will give you total authority over the use of your server and you can much better experience in running the Website.

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