Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Domain Renewal And Copyright Infringement Are Very Critical Process For A Domain Registration

While getting a domain name and choosing a good domain registrar for a domain registration process is very critical, the practicality of domain registration does not end here. There are other issues which are also very critical and while you will undertake domain registration, you should be very knowledgeable about these aspects also lest you can commit some vital mistake. The purpose of this article is an attempt to brief you about the importance of these two aspects which perhaps you have not considered very seriously.

The Renewal And Deletion Process Of Your Domain:

The vital thing which you should know is that the renewal of the Domain must be done 24 hours before the expiry of the Domain; otherwise the chance of losing your Domain ownership is high. It will be almost impossible to get back your Domain once it comes near expiry as the expiring Domains goes into a pool where other expiring Domains are kept. However, sometimes you have a chance to back-order the Domain or you may have to wait for the Domain auctioning date where the expired Domains will be hosted for auction.

If a situation arises that some expiring Domains are not picked by anybody. In this type of case, the Domains again go to a common pool. These pools are meant for the purpose of cheapest domain registration. Thus there is a chance for you to get back your Domain even a case arise that you have forgotten to renew the domain registration in time. But for getting your Domain re-registered in the grace period, you should be ready to pay some extra charge to your Register.

A domain provider keeps a close eye on the all the Domains which are expiring and also tries to preserve the Domains for the precious customers. It is highly advisable, that as and when such very attractive expiring Domains come to your notice, you should try to get the Domain even at a premium price if you find it in line with your business concept. This is all the more important if you can locate some Domains with short and one word as these Domains are very hard to get.

Therefore, when you go for a domain registration, you should note the process of renewal of domain name registration and also you should suitably choose the renewal period as per your convenience and as per the type of Business you are launching. The type of Business will decide largely what period for renewal you should choose. In case, you are in the mood of opening a normal Website just for the purpose of entertainment, you may accept the renewal clause of one year only. However, if you are very serious about your business, it is always better to settle for a longer period of Domain Renewal.

The Issue Of Copyright Infringement:

While you are counting your days for domain registration, one thing you should keep in your mind that registering your Domain Name with the name of established Businesses is considered to be illegal. There will be many Webmasters who may mislead you or you may fall in the hand of an unscrupulous Domain Registrar who will entice you for a domain name registration services with the big business name. You may fall prey to these type of provocation and do Domain Registration with an extra price which may ultimately land you in big trouble.

Therefore, it is advised that while you are going for a domain registration India, you should make sure that there is no copyright infringement and keep yourself clean to make your Business free from any legal hassles.

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