Thursday, 2 March 2017

High Time To Start A Lucrative Venture As A Web Hosting Reseller

It has been aptly remarked that the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. But it must be confirmed whether it is a reality or an illusion. Web hosting is undoubtedly a remunerative business provided it is done in the right way by the accurate people. Recently, there has been a burst in the reseller segment that indicates how technology businesses are focusing their time and money on reselling of hosting services.

Below you will get to know why people are trying their hands towards the career of reseller web hosting. Also, you will get to know what it really involves.

Ideal Resellers – Prettily Successful

The most ideal reseller hosting is the person holding prior experience in the computer industry. Since web hosting industry deals with a mixture of hardware, networking as well as software skills people with either of these skills will serve in a pretty manner. A certain amount of business acumen will be duly preferred.

There have been instances when founders of a reseller business hardly had any technical knowledge. But with the help of their marketing skills along with a dedicated team of sales managers they were successful in the making of a big venture. There are some allied businesses that have started reseller hosting as side income. They are:
  • Web design studios
  • Computer maintenance services
  • Mobile phone retailers
  • Hardware vendors
  • Software boutiques and many more
It is surprising to note that home-based mothers have done well by serving as web hosting reseller. They provide affordable pricing by simply selling hosting space to their friends.

Support Staff – A Must for Success

There are many reseller hosting businesses that run as a one-man-show with no support staff at all. But it is advisable to hire a couple of people who are dedicated to service your hosting customers. Hiring tech savvy under grads and even fresher looking for a quick buck may result to be inexpensive and cost effective for your businesses.

All chief support matters are handled by the mother company. Most of the hosting companies do not provide direct support to the end user and require that all queries are routed through the reseller login only. This helps in enhancing defense and keeps data privacy in check.

Control And Flexibility– Enabling To Handle Entire Administration

A reseller web hosting company is provided a control panel by the mother company from where he purchases the associated services. This control panel allows the reseller to handle the administration of hosting accounts of his patrons and scrutinize the usage and passage for which he is paying.

This means that without the parent company being exposed to the end user, he gets the same level of services and also contributes a lot in making money. Also the control panel allows you to:
  • Create new accounts
  • Reset passwords
  • Create email addresses
  • Re-allocate resources and many more
Reseller web hosting company can easily make a big bank balance even after sharing his profit with the client. When a service provider bundles his services with web hosting, the client is more likely to mend with him so that all services are managed under a single roof. High time to start your own web hosting business with a reseller hosting account!

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