Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Few Website Design Techniques That May Harm SEO Evaluation Of Your Website

Designing of website is considered to be both art and science. It requires artistic endeavor along with visualization and great technical skills for giving a good shape to palpable creativity. Copying another website and implementing the same is one of the worst activities.

The repetition of this sequence by other companies finally leads towards an inadequate website design. It fails to suffice some of the basic requirements of user experience due to which such websites finally qualify for low SEO rank.

Website Design Techniques That May Hamper Seo Ranking

It is definite that nobody desires to incur huge loss! Therefore it is high time to choose some ecommerce website development techniques through objective analysis. By doing so, you can easily prevent diminishing of SEO valuation. Those techniques include: 


Using Tables In Website Layout 

Inclusion of tables in a web page layout makes the page very much complicated. Most of the table layouts take into usage lots of attributes like colspan, rowspan and nested tables. Though designing of tables is easy, but maintenance is tough.

Maximum screen readers find it difficult to understand such tables. Also the content within the table layout seems a bit puzzling. The situation further gets exacerbated when the table is nested which may further affect SEO rankings. 

Infinite Scrolling 

Despite the fact that scrolling is general in website design services, it must be noted that the same is not meant for each and every website. The inclusion of this particular technique depends upon goals of website. If the goal of your website is to assist users in locating a specific task or compare choices, then infinite scrolling may hurt user experience.

The user may feel overpowered by the abundance of information presented by scrolling an unending page. Thus, infinite scrolling proves to be a bad technique for websites that focus on activities related to task accomplishment. 

Parallax Scrolling 

Parallax scrolling is widely used and has been recognized to be a good function leading towards a loyal visitor. But there are some issues in association with it! It may lead towards low valuation hence resulting into low SEO ranking. 

In case the parallax website is one paged content, images and good visual display, then it is al rite! But in case your ecommerce web development contains info-graphic, then Google will not read it hence leading towards low SEO ranking. Parallax web pages with images may usually take long to load.


Lazy Loading

Lazy loading prevents loading of contents and images until that page is interacted by users. It finally leads towards no indexing by spiders due to which rest parts of the page cannot be loaded. This finally leads towards low valuations for SEO hence hurting page traffic. 

Lack Of Mobile Configured Design 

With high infiltration of mobile, it has become essential for any company to hold a mobile friendly website along with responsive and adaptive website design India. Due to introduction of mobile algorithm by Google, websites that are not mobile friendly are pushed down into the search listing.

It is very much essential for the website owner to fully understand the purpose of above mentioned ecommerce website design techniques before including them to maximize profit.

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